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Remembering to be grateful

So many people have contributed in some way to help us raise the money we need to adopt. From bowl-a-thon participants to people who have just randomly given generously to people buying our junk or donating other stuff at garage sales. There have been so many people who have played a part, some without even knowing it.

 Some of the most generous people have been the ones who have given out of what little they have. We’ve had college students give $200 or even med school students do that same thing. We’ve had friends who live basically month to month give several hundred dollars more than once. It’s just been humbling to see the body surround us during this journey. One of the hardest things for me to remember is to be grateful for it all.

Usually when someone gives you a $300 check, it is exciting and overwhelming. We are so thankful. But since the adoption journey started, that seems more difficult to remember. $300 just seems to pale in comparison to $35,000. It’s hardly even a dent. Looking back we know that all those $50 gifts and $300 have really added up to a lot, but when you compare one $300 check with a $35,000 Mt. Everest, it’s a little overwhelming.

But God has worked on my heart through it all, reminding us that he cherishes the one who gives “all they have to live on” rather than those who give out of their surplus. He is honored by those gifts and those acts of faith in him to provide, and he is the one who has always and will always provide for us.

So to anyone who has given to us, great or small, all have been great to us. We have not overlooked or neglected to thank God for each gift he has given through you. And we are humbled by your generosity. The body of Christ is a beautiful thing.



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