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Just to liven things up

There are a lot of words, but no pictures here, so I just wanted to add some fun pics to liven things up a bit. These are from the State Fair of Texas.

Good Old Turkey LegAaron eating Turkey


Remembering God’s Promise

This weekend we had someone give us a gift toward our adoption. This was actually someone who was at our recent iGo banquet and felt God impressing on them to give to us. She gave it to use however we need, and we will quickly put that toward our adoption.

This was such a blessing to us, in more ways than one. First, the money was a very generous and humbling gift that we know was a sacrifice for those that gave it. And every gift we get toward finishing our expenses is a blessing. There was a bigger blessing for us in this gift, though. More than even the amount of money or even the money at all, we saw God reaffirming his promise to us.

The money can come from anywhere, and we know that God is the real giver. He is the one working on our hearts and others’ hearts to finish this whole thing. As we head into this last leg of our fundraising, still needing $15,000, it was a timely reminder of God’s ability and promise to provide. Little things like this along the way are always very timely in keeping our eyes focused and our hearts strong.

We Got It…Sort Of

We have been waiting on a letter from USCIS before we could move on to the next step in our process. We heard from them saying that we did not need the letter and to go ahead and move forward, so we did. We got fingerprinted…for the third time, and now we are waiting on something from them again. This is the last form we need for our dossier. So we are still waiting on USCIS, but we have moved to the next step.

Still hoping.

An Unknown Rebuke

I was talking with a man I greatly respect in our church last week about our process. This man is a prayer warrior, so I asked him to pray that the government would move faster and get our stuff done. I’m pretty sure God takes this guy’s calls first. What he told me sort of caught me off guard.

He told me not to rush things and that God knew what he was doing. He said that things were working out perfectly according to God’s timing and that we should trust him and enjoy our time now. Silence. “Yeah, but that’s not what I want. I want you to pray that God would speed things up.” I didn’t actually say it, but I was thinking it. He was just responding to my request, but what he did not realize was that God was trying to show me something about himself.

We have our own timing and best plans already laid out in our heads, and things do not seem to be going according to that plan. It has been a humbling process, but we have been reminded several times in the last couple of weeks that God is in absolute control over this whole thing. We are not waiting on governments or agencies ultimately; God is working things in his own time. If he wants us back by the summer, we will be back by summer. If he does not, why should we want that?

It’s hard waiting and just not knowing, but I am reminded of what several adoption veterans told me when we started: “You are not in control of any part of this thing.” I am very aware of it. The biggest difference in my thinking is remembering that these agencies, governments, and people are not in control either. Our hope is in the Lord, and we wait for him. He will provide the money. He will work out the timing. Our baby is his.


Still Waiting

Time for a new post, I guess. In the way of updates on our process, we are waiting. We have been waiting for a while. We need a form from USCIS that will allow us to do the next thing in our process. We are almost finished with our dossier (praise God!) and this is one of the last things we need to do. We actually already got this form, but they spelled Charity’s middle name wrong, so we had to send it back to be redone. Now we have been waiting for over a month for them to redo it and send it back.

So that’s where we are in the paperwork process. God has been so incredibly good to us. Looking back, we realized that we have already raised over $20,000. It’s almost unbelievable, and it has gone so fast. We have raised almost everything we need for the agencies, but we still need to get together travel and living expenses.

 God is blowing us away with his provision and faithfulness. We’ve already seen him at work so much in our iWitness days, but he continues to blow our minds.

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