We Got It…Sort Of

We have been waiting on a letter from USCIS before we could move on to the next step in our process. We heard from them saying that we did not need the letter and to go ahead and move forward, so we did. We got fingerprinted…for the third time, and now we are waiting on something from them again. This is the last form we need for our dossier. So we are still waiting on USCIS, but we have moved to the next step.

Still hoping.

One response to “We Got It…Sort Of

  • Aaron Hamilton

    How exciting will it be when you finish that dossier huh? I can’t wait – there is purpose in the delay – we’ve seen that over and over in our own journey. We’ll continue to pray for peace in God’s timing. We’ll pray for the little Clayton hanging out on the other side of the world in the flippin’ cold country of Kazakhstan (high of 3 degrees on Turkey Day).

    Mainly, we’ll pray for God to get the glory out of EVERY detail of this process.

    We are so blessed to have met you and share in this journey together. You are only a few steps behind us….your day as parents is quickly coming.

    And Aaron – I’m glad you cried….let it out man…let it all out.

    Aaron Hamilton

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