Remembering God’s Promise

This weekend we had someone give us a gift toward our adoption. This was actually someone who was at our recent iGo banquet and felt God impressing on them to give to us. She gave it to use however we need, and we will quickly put that toward our adoption.

This was such a blessing to us, in more ways than one. First, the money was a very generous and humbling gift that we know was a sacrifice for those that gave it. And every gift we get toward finishing our expenses is a blessing. There was a bigger blessing for us in this gift, though. More than even the amount of money or even the money at all, we saw God reaffirming his promise to us.

The money can come from anywhere, and we know that God is the real giver. He is the one working on our hearts and others’ hearts to finish this whole thing. As we head into this last leg of our fundraising, still needing $15,000, it was a timely reminder of God’s ability and promise to provide. Little things like this along the way are always very timely in keeping our eyes focused and our hearts strong.

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