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Christmas with LucyChristmas without Lucy

We get fingerprinted like some common thieves. The not-very-good kind who get caught all the time.

Charity and I had our fingerprints done again today at the Cedar Hill Police Department. In waiting for our form from USCIS some of our other stuff has gotten a little too old to be accepted, so we are having to redo it. It’s really not that bad because it at least lets us feel like we are doing something. It keeps the excitement level up to be doing things for the process and being able to talk to people about having to go do this or that.

We have done all we can for now once again. We are back to the waiting on other people, which is getting easier, I have to say. We have been hearing a lot from our friends Aaron and Steph who are in country right now visiting and getting to know their little boy. He is so cool. It’s hard to imagine what it must be like, but we are so excited for them! It’s good to be able to at least live vicariously through them while we wait.

That’s all for now. Hopefully we’ll have more to report soon. In the meantime, here is an attempt of us trying to get some Christmas pictures made with Lucy. Basically impossible. So we had to go it without her.




Just for starters, this is Aaron writing. 2 things I heard before we started our adoption process were that it was a humbling thing and that you are not in control of any of it. Well, maybe I am a veteran now, because I can attest to both of those.

One reason it is humbling is because I am seeing character flaws in myself through this process. So many things happen that we are absolutely not in control of. In fact, when something happens that we can control, we ought to note it because it is rare. It just doesn’t go down that way. We are basically at the mercy of an agency, our government, their goverment, and a few other random people along the way.

When these uncontrollable things happen, they are usually not pleasant. I wouldn’t say they are terrible, just difficult, frustrating, or inconvenient. One of my most common reactions is to get defensive and feel like I need to protect us. I question things and feel taken advantage of. I want things to be explained to me, and I want reasons for things, assuming that there cannot possibly be a good one. I generally feel like it is us against a world of people who don’t care about us and want to trick us.

I am seeing my selfishness. I am quick to speak, very quick to get angry, and defensive. I see that I am an impatient person. I am arrogant and don’t like people telling me what to do. I get upset at small inconveniences when things don’t go my way, like a child. How can a man who acts like a child be given a child of his own?

I feel like God is using things right now to refine my character, and I feel like he is exposing weaknesses and flaws. I don’t really see that much refining yet, I guess. I am still being exposed. We haven’t really gotten past all that yet. But I see a little refining. It’s hard. It doesn’t feel good. It is not easy. It is embarassing. It is humbling. I hear people talk about wanting to be humble, and I want it, but being humbled isn’t fun. It hurts a little, and it’s embarassing.

But maybe God is making me into the man he wants me to be. Maybe he is making me into the dad he wants me to be. Maybe God knows what he is doing in all of this stuff. Maybe God has been at work here before I realized it. Maybe he actually does the things he says he will do, and maybe he has things figured out better than I do.

Being refined isn’t fun, and it isn’t easy. But it’s sort of like lifting weights. It hurts, but you have this soreness afterwards that kind of feels good because you know what is coming from it. You don’t mind it so much. You actually kind of like it.

Latest Status

We are basically waiting on our last form to finish out our dossier. This is a form from USCIS. Once we get that, we will be complete. Some of the things we have already done cannot be more than a certain amount of months old, so we are having to redo some of them. It will be a little inconvenient, but should not be too big of a problem. At least we have had some practice already.

So right now, we are hoping to turn our completed dossier into our agency around Christmas or the first of the year. Then we’ll see from there. Please pray for patience and that things would work out.

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