Quick Update

This is a pic of Charity’s side of the family from our recent trip to Beaver’s Bend.

We don’t have much to say about our process or the USCIS form, but we just wanted to post a quick update to let anyone who cares know that we have not forsaken our blog, we just haven’t had anything change since our last post. We have redone a few things, and we are looking at possibly having to redo a few more things if we do not get our USCIS form in the next week or so. Please pray that it would come quickly, and for grace and patience to be sensitive to God’s timing no matter what happens.

We did receive $500 from someone toward our adoption costs, so that is a great blessing, reminding us of God’s continued provision.

We have had a busy last couple of weeks with Christmas travel and family stuff. It has been very good time with family, and it has been cool thinking about this probably (hopefully) being our last Christmas without a little Clayton. So we rejoiced in the many gifts and much attention that we got this year that may be redirected next year. We’re very excited about that.

Please pray and ask God to work in the process and bring our form in the next week.
Pray for our sanity as we wait and our patience and trust in God in these unknown times of waiting.
Ask God to bring in the rest of the money to complete the process.

2 responses to “Quick Update

  • mrsjamiebutts

    I love, love this picture. Prayed for you guys and your adoption this morning… as well as preparation to be parents. Love you so much. Charity, a package is on the way for you…. a LATE birthday present or Christmas… whatever. Maybe it should be a 1/2 birthday present. 🙂 Tell me if it doesn’t arrive soon.

  • Stephanie Hamilton

    We are thinking of you and praying for you often! I find myself thinking, “it won’t be long until Aaron and Charity are here”. Even crazier, if you end up in Astana, we may have seen your child! The experience is so incredible and I can’t wait until we are reading your blog entries and hearing about the new little Clayton. God will provide – and the timing will be perfect – and you will soon meet the child that God chose for you long before you ever thought about adoption. We are looking forward to returning home and letting you meet Ayan. We are so glad God has brought us together as friends so we can share these experiences together.

    From Astana,
    Aaron & Stephanie Hamilton

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