Hope Differed

Hello all. We do have some news, actually several newses, and it’s funny because they bring us back to here again. I’ll explain:

We did finally receive our form from the USCIS, the form we have been waiting months on. After many prayers and much waiting, that is such a welcome thing. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Please keep them both coming. Backing up a little, we actually got an email last week saying that we had been approved and that our form was on the way. The next day we got an email from our case worker saying that the embassy in Washington was not currently accepting applications for adoption. They haven’t closed the program, but are not accepting applications right now. She did not know why or how long it would last. Then we actually received our USCIS form in the mail, and Charity’s middle name was spelled wrong, so we are going to have to get that fixed. We are not sure what all that will entail, so please pray for flexibility, patience, and good work by whoever does it.

So all that means that some things have changed, we have had some developments, and that we are back to waiting, which seems to be the theme of our process so far.

On the more exciting front, we did find out that we had around $2000 more in our church account than we thought! Most of that was from our bowl-a-thon. Thank you to all who participted in some way. We also received two very generous gifts of $1000 and $1100! The $1100 came from a friend of ours who had decided with his parents and girlfriend to give generously to something this year for Christmas instead of spending quite as much on gifts for each other. We were the very grateful beneficiary.

Thank you for praying. Please continue. We love to hear from you.

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