Thoughts on Endurance from James 5

Not much has changed since our last entry. We did get our USCIS form changed. They got it back to us pretty fast, and now our dossier is complete and ready to be apostilled (which takes about a week) and sent in. Unfortunately the embassy in Washington is still not accepting any applications for adoption, so we are still waiting. Pray for our patience and that they would open soon.

God continues to teach us things in our waiting. James 5:11 talks about waiting and what results from it. The second part  says, “You have heard of Job’s endurance and have seen the outcome from the Lord: the Lord is very compassionate and merciful.”

Now I would not say that we are going through the worst trials imagineable by any stretch, but I haven’t really thought to say that in all this God was specifically being compassionate and merciful to us. But James 5 says that God had a purpose in Job’s endurance and that in it he shows himself to be very compassionate and merciful.

This is a sharp reminder to me not to doubt or question God in any of this, but more than just that. It’s a reminder that in the midst of this trial, God is not just worthy of our trust, but he is revealing himself to be very compassionate and merciful. A verse that comes to mind along with this is Proverbs 20:21. It says, “An inheritance gained prematurely will not be blessed ultimately.” I think there is a lot to his proverb, but one aspect of it, I think, is that something easily gained is also easily lost or not worth all that much to you. But something you have to labor for and endure much to get to is very valuable and is not easily given up. It is very precious to you.

I can only imagine how much our joy will be increased once we hold our son or daughter in our arms because of all that we had to go through to get to that day. How much more meaningful will that day be? And looking back from that day on all of this, I think we will easily be able to say that the Lord has been very compassionate and merciful.

One response to “Thoughts on Endurance from James 5

  • Aaron Hamilton

    Aaron and Charity,
    Your patience and hope are such an awesome display of living God’s word and trusting Him. We are looking forward to hanging out with ya’ll and we are constantly praying for you as you wait for the next step to be illuminated. You are an encouragement to us!

    Aaron H.

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