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Close…so close!

We got our dossier back form being apostilled in 4 days (6 days sooner than we thought) only to find out that we had not included a few documents that they wanted to see, so we resent those few things to them and are hoping to get that back in a few days. After we get that back we will have our dossier finished and ready to go in to our agency for good. And that will be it for us!

We will still be working on fundraising while we wait, but that is also an area of praise. GOd has been very generous to us in all of this. We think we have raised around $35,000 from fundraisers, grants, contributions, our working, and other stuff. So that is a huge thing. We still need to keep working hard on it because we don’t know exactly how much will be required of us, but we are very close.

We still love to hear from you guys. Thank you for praying. Pray that the process does not change while we are waiting and that all of our stuff is done correctly and ready to go. And thank you for walking with us.


Walking Together

In the last few months, Charity and I have really noticed the value and the need to walk the road together with other people. We have lost the proximity of some dear friends, and we have gained others, but we feel like we have seen up close the need to walk with people, to do life with them, really to live with them. Not literally in the same house, but day in, day out, sharing, beholding, knowing. The kind of friendships where I don’t have to call up or run by to catch up on what’s been going on. There wouldn’t be anything to say that I did not already know.

These are the kind of relationships that get us through hard times, and they’re the kind that are rich and rewarding in the great times. These kind of relationships can’t just be formed. They take time and junk and labor. We don’t find these all that often because we aren’t usually willing to put in the work and the hurt to have them. And sometimes you don’t realize how precious they are to you until they are gone, or at least fade. And for me, the missing has not been a weeping, sobbing, “I can’t live without you, please don’t go” kind of thing. It is more like, “I really notice you not being here. I feel it all the time, in all kinds of things.”

Walking this road together changes the journey. It’s richer and more fun. The hard times aren’t quite as hard. I am able to see myself from a different perspective through the eyes of someone else. There is insight given that I miss. The body of Christ is a cool thing. The church is a cool thing. And one way I know that for sure is the loss I feel when it fades.

Can we please turn this junk in!

I know that’s a question, and deserves a question mark, but it is said with excitement because we are close. Very close. We have spent the last few weeks working on getting our dossier back up to date since they re-opened the embassy to receive applications. Now we are just a document or two in the mail away from being done, for the second time. We will have to send it to Washington for a week or so, then barring any changes or setbacks, it’s off to our agency and hopefully out of our hands for good, in more ways than one. Not that anything has really been in our hands at all anyway. But we’re ready for it to be official.

We have had a rough last week or two as we have felt so close, yet just impossible to finish. We felt like the devil was standing in the way of it, hindering it in different ways. But the encouraging thing to us in the middle of that is this: maybe we are really doing something good, something kingdom-impacting and lifegiving if the enemy has made it so difficult to finish. A 3-4 month process that we squeezed into almost a year, but God has been good, he has been near, and he has been faithful.

We love you guys. Thank you for praying. Please do not stop, the devil sure does not seem to be. We look forward to more updates soon.

Aaron and Charity

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