Can we please turn this junk in!

I know that’s a question, and deserves a question mark, but it is said with excitement because we are close. Very close. We have spent the last few weeks working on getting our dossier back up to date since they re-opened the embassy to receive applications. Now we are just a document or two in the mail away from being done, for the second time. We will have to send it to Washington for a week or so, then barring any changes or setbacks, it’s off to our agency and hopefully out of our hands for good, in more ways than one. Not that anything has really been in our hands at all anyway. But we’re ready for it to be official.

We have had a rough last week or two as we have felt so close, yet just impossible to finish. We felt like the devil was standing in the way of it, hindering it in different ways. But the encouraging thing to us in the middle of that is this: maybe we are really doing something good, something kingdom-impacting and lifegiving if the enemy has made it so difficult to finish. A 3-4 month process that we squeezed into almost a year, but God has been good, he has been near, and he has been faithful.

We love you guys. Thank you for praying. Please do not stop, the devil sure does not seem to be. We look forward to more updates soon.

Aaron and Charity

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