Close…so close!

We got our dossier back form being apostilled in 4 days (6 days sooner than we thought) only to find out that we had not included a few documents that they wanted to see, so we resent those few things to them and are hoping to get that back in a few days. After we get that back we will have our dossier finished and ready to go in to our agency for good. And that will be it for us!

We will still be working on fundraising while we wait, but that is also an area of praise. GOd has been very generous to us in all of this. We think we have raised around $35,000 from fundraisers, grants, contributions, our working, and other stuff. So that is a huge thing. We still need to keep working hard on it because we don’t know exactly how much will be required of us, but we are very close.

We still love to hear from you guys. Thank you for praying. Pray that the process does not change while we are waiting and that all of our stuff is done correctly and ready to go. And thank you for walking with us.

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