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On to a new chapter

Hello faithful blog people. Thank you for staying up with us, and sorry it has been so long since we posted. There has been some news, good news.

We did finally get our whole dossier turned in to our agency. We turned it in, then had to redo 2 documents, but now all that is off and to our agency. It is being processed and translated to be sent to the embassy in Washington. That should take around 4-6 weeks. Then it will be processed there, which should be around 30 days. Then it goes to one of the government offices in country, then it moves to a second government office where they match with kids and all the fun stuff.

All that to say, most of our part of this chapter is over. It’s on to the next phase, which is mostly other people. We are just working hard to continue to get money together and waiting to hear anything they will tell us. We try not to email or call too much, but it’s hard. We are so excited to be done with our part mostly.

Please continue to pray that God would generously give us the money we need. He has already shown us his faithfulness to the tune of over $30,000! What an amazing thing to be able to say, so we are confident he will finish it. Also pray with us that we would be patient but expectant and hopeful, even if it gets long or we don’t hear anything for a while.

We love you and are so grateful to have people walking this road with us. It’s crazy, but it’s exciting, draining, lifegiving, surprising, refining, difficult, long, and joyous all at the same time. He is such a big God. He is great, and his name is greatly to be praised. Much love to all of you.

Aaron & Charity


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