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Dying in Faith

Faithful. That’s a word that I have been pursuing recently, and this whole adoption thing has been a big part of it. We all want to be considered faithful. We like the phrase “well done good and faithful servant.” This process has really caused me to have to remember and work toward being faithful, and it has been a good thing. It has placed that goal squarely in front of me, teaching it to me in real life, not just in theory or some candy-coated churchy kind of way.

Hebrews 11:13 and 39 both talk about those who died in their faith. Verse 1 says that faith is the reality of what is hoped for and not seen.  But these people never saw it. They never reached that reality. They died in hope of it. They died in faith, never seeing the promise they awaited.

I think of faith as sort of a temporary thing, like faith is for a season, then we see the promise or get to the desired result. We see the unveiling, I guess. But these people in Hebrews never got to that day. They never saw it. Yet they were considered  righteous because of their faith. They considered the One who promised faithful, even though they never saw it.

So what if I never see it. I have been pursuing faithfulness, asking for it, praying for it. What if I die in faith. That sounds morbid, and I don’t anticipate that in this adoption process, but what if it did happen? Or what if it happens in some other situation in my life? Am I the kind of faithful, am I pursuing the kind of faithful, that is not based on results or the end, but is based on the One who promised because I know he is faithful, even if I never see it. Even if I die in my faithful waiting.

The One who promised is faithful, and he will do it. He has already done it all, already proved himself by his kindness to us in sending Jesus. He is trustworthy with everything else. And when he does it, when we see the promise, he will get the credit. We will lift up and display the riches of his grace to us in Jesus.


Un-news ain’t no kind of news to get

Hey everybody out there. Thanks for sticking with us. We have a little un-news for you. Un-news is the worst kind of news to get in the adoption process because it means something has happened that has caused nothing to happen, which is zero fun.

We got word about a week ago that the Kazakh embassy has decided not to accept any families from agencies that are not with the Hague Convention. You can read more about it at, but it is basically a set of guidelines to bring some uniformity and accountability to international adoption. 

Our agency has not finished their process of becoming part of the Hague. They say they think it will completed in 2-3 weeks, and have asked us to hang tight until then. So as of right now, the embassy will not accept our dossier from our agency. Which means we wait again. The funny thing in all of this is that Kazakhstan is not even a member of the Hague themselves. But this is the decision they have made and we have to live by it.

Our agency has told us of some alternative options if they are not able to get their Hague stuff pretty soon. We really want to just move forward, but if it comes to that we will have to make some decisions about what we are going to do. Right now, we are going to wait these few weeks to see what they can do. Another wrinkle thrown in is that some of our paperwork could get too old while we are waiting, which would mean more updated before we could even submit our dossier.

This news is hard to get, and it’s very discouraging at times, this being our third major roadblock, but we are still very hopeful and trust the Lord’s timing absolutely. He knows things we don’t about our child and lots of other things. So we are hanging in there and hoping and praying.

Please, please pray that our agency would get everything settled in the next couple of weeks and that we would be allowed to move forward. Pray that all this would move before any more of our paperwork gets too old. Pray that our agency would have favor with the Kazakh embassy and government. Pray for things to begin to speed up. (The slowing down has been rough.) And pray for our patience and faithfulness.

Also pray for our baby. God knows him or her already. Thank you for loving us through this. It is our privilege to walk with you.

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