It’s just good to know something

For the last month or so we have been sort of sitting and wondering how things were going, or if they were. We were waiting on word from the consulate about if they were going to accept dossiers already turned in, like ours. We also had a case worker change, and we had not heard much from our new one. This change was also part of the reason we had not heard a lot of info lately.

We did hear from our new case worker, who seems to be very nice and helpful. She said that some things did slow down because of the whole Hague Convention thing, but that they were back moving again. Our dossier is being translated and will go to the embassy when it is finished. 

So that’s about all we know for now, which isn’t a whole lot, but it is good to know something again. It seems like this just how things are. It’s hard at times, but we are hopeful and can see little glimpses now and then of the cool things that God is doing.

Thank you for walking with us.

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