News. Good news. Let’s just go with it.

We heard something today. Finally an update with actual progress. I can’t remember when our last real update in a positive direction was. And being very transparent, I think I am jaded by most of this now, too. I am skeptical and sort of disengaged, mostly as a defense mechanism, I think. But today, my friends, we got news.

We heard from our case worker saying that our dossier is being finalized in translation to be sent to the embassy, which is a big step. This is the farthest we have gotten so far, delays and redos included. It was like getting some cool, fresh air on one of these Texas summer days. You are not really sure where it came from or what to make of it, and you don’t ask. You just go with it.

I am excited and skeptical at the same time because I think my attitude toward this process and this government has become “I’ll believe it when I see it.” I am extremely excited to get good news, but my excitement is tempered because the good news has not always gone as good as it was supposed to. So while I am excited to hear this, I will wait for it to actually happen before I get giddy. And to be honest, I don’t really want to feel that way. It’s just how it has become.

The other factor playing in here is that our dossier has been gone for a while but has not yet made it to the embassy, so there is the possibly that some of our documents have expired in the waiting. We are praying through it, and they tell us that if it was the case they would say something, which they have not. So we could be good to go, but…”I’ll believe it when I see it.” Another thing impacting this is that the “guy” at the embassy that we need is out and will not be back until the 28th. Pray for our sanity.

So, all things considered, we have been hopeful and have never doubted that this is all very good timing, whether we see the big picture clearly or not, and today was affirming in that. Today we are encouraged.

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