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The stale blog comes alive again…with news from a foreign land


From our college ministry's Thrifty Prom event.

From our college ministry

I won’t waste too much time saying this: sorry. It has been too long.


I know you guys who do read the blog do so because you want to know the 411 on what is happening in all things of the Clayton adoption journey. And I know that many of you pray along with us, and reading the blog helps you do that. So, once and for all, I am sorry we have not been present in the blogosphere recently.

There really hasn’t been a lot happening, to be honest. And what little things have, sometimes we hesitate to tell people too much because we have found that things change often, even things that we thought were over. So we don’t want to tell things and then have them turn around. It’s just a hassle, and a letdown. And when things are hard, even when it is just a little hard, it’s just hard to get motivated to write on a blog. That much I will be transparent about. For more insights into my personal feelings, you will have to give me money, lots of it.

The real news
Ok, I  know you don’t come here to listen to me babble, so on with it. We have been waiting for some time to get a few last documents updated and added to our dossier so it could be finally sent off to Kstan. After several long months, we are super happy to report that our dossier is in Kazakhstan.

It arrived there on Tuesday and should be going to the ministry of foreign affairs. We are not sure how long that will take (we are guessing around a month, but guesses and even estimates have proven to be a waste of time), but after it finishes there it will go to the ministry of education. Same story there. Then it will be assigned and sent to a specific region in country. Once it gets to the region they will process and do some things with it, and if all goes well we will be notified that there are children that match our requests in that region and invited to travel. We don’t have a good timetable for that, but it could be a few months to many, who knows.

We are excited once again, and also cautiously optimistic. We have heard a few horror stories recently about how some things have gone for other families who are at this point or even farther along, so we are definitely not in the clear at all. We have always looked to this day as a day that would bring relief, but that is just not the case. There are a bunch of things that could change or go badly in these next few steps, so it will still be a waiting game and a point of much prayer and fasting. It’s funny how it has worked out that way, but it really keeps us in a place where we need to be: totally dependent on God and keenly aware that all of our steps, adoption and otherwise, are in his hands.

Along with all of these possibilities there was one thing about our dossier that the embassy was a little concerned about, and they made a note of that when they sent it to country. So please continue to pray that we and our dossier would find favor with every single person who comes into contact with it and that God would put the right people in place to receive and move it along. We believe him for big things. He started this whole deal, and he is the one who has done everything to this point. So we wait patiently.

I’ll leave you with a quick thought that has guarded my heart these last several weeks.

Psalm 27 says, 
“I am confident that I will see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be courageous and let your heart be strong.
Wait for the Lord.”

That is what we are learning to do.


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