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hard jobs make hard people

What can I say?don't be jealous.
Charity and I just got back from an adventure in China, Thailand, and Seoul, Korea. It was only supposed to be a but we spent a few hours in Seoul because of flight delays. These are pictures from the China leg of our trip. As you can see it was “freaking cold” there, as our new friend B would say. The first one is of us in Shanghai having some fun on our last night. The second one is a pic of me eating dofu. It’s always better when you’re wearing gloves, a tobogan, a scarf (that’s right, a scarf), and a freaking huge jacket.
We have not heard anything new on our dossier, but we did hear from the lady who is working for us on it. She said that the lady at the department of education in our region has not looked at it yet, so our prayer continues to be for favor with her and that father would soften her heart as she reads our dossier.
Our new friend, B, in China said something that I think had a lot of insight in it. She said, “Hard jobs make hard people.” That simple statement is so true, and that could be very true about this lady reviewing our dossier in kstan. She probably sees a lot of these and has to make some hard decisions on things that probably sound a lot alike. It would be easy for her heart to grow calloused and hard from doing a job like hers. The responsibility of her job is huge. She holds the lives of so many children and families in her hands. I cannot imagine what the weight would be like everyday. Please pray for her.
Our prayer for her is that God would grant us favor in her heart as she reads about us and from us and that she would see our love for orphans and for her people. We also pray that God would soften her heart as she reads our dossier and that he would give her insight into us through it, that we would not be just another arbitrary decision. We also pray that she would be able to see the gospel in us and in our dossier and that it would stand as a witness to her of the greatness of Jesus, even though we won’t actually ever say anything to her.
Everything here is in God’s hands, and he does whatever he chooses. Please pray for this lady specifically and ask father to move quickly in her heart and to prepare the way ahead of us. Also please pray that God would prepare our hearts for whatever is coming next. We want to respond in faith.

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