it’s go time

Today is the big day. Hopefully not the biggest day to come, but it’s one big one in a series of escalating big ones.

We leave at 4:20pm today. If you are a pray-er here are a few things to pray:

1) Good connections. We want to make our flights and get to our city on time so nothing gets delayed even one day.
2) Logistics. There are several things like meting up with the right people, housing, times, and stuff that are still sort of fuzzy. There is a plan, but it’s with people we don’t know, so we want to get there and get it all figured out.
3) Meeting with the department of education. Our first day we have a meeting with this office about the kids available, where we will wind up, what baby home, etc. Please pray that this goes smoothly, that they are straightforward, clear,  and honest with us, and that we get matched quickly with the exact right child.
4) Gospel radiance. We want Jesus and his gospel to be all over this. We want to act in a way that is a witness and a ministry to other people. This whole thing is not about us, so we want to serve people and serve the gospel through it.
5) Pray for our baby. We don’t know him/her yet, but they are already very precious and loved. A lot is about to change for them, and they will need peace and comfort. Please ask father to be that.

Thank you for walking with us. This is when it all gets crazy. We will be updating here often as long as internet allows. Thank you for praying.

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