waiting, waiting

We are going to keep this short because there isn’t a lot of news and we aren’t on our computer. Whcih also means no pics even though we have some good ones.

We have arrived in our city, and we went to the dept. of  education this morning. They did some things are referred us to another office in another building, where we went and found out that the preson we needed was in meetings all morning, so we are going to go back after lunch. Hopefully we will see them then and get it all taken care of. With the delay there is a chance that we will not get to the baby home today, but we are still hopeful. We are also not sure what kids we will see or how all that will go, but we’re trying to be flexible.

We have realized that being flexible is a lot harder when we are so nervous and unsure about most everything. We are sort of jsut along for the ride in our own process, which is fitting in some ways, I guess.

We’ll update again when we can get to a computer and have news. For now pray for a few things:
1) finding a good apartment quickly with high speed
2) getting the signatures we need
3) getting matched wit the right baby that fits our situation quickly and smoothly
4) peace and trust in craziness

Thank you for walking beside us for so long so faithfully.

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