without further delay…

Today was a good day. One thing we have been praying about it that Sam hasn’t eaten much since he’s been with us. Today he took 31 bites of something, I’m not too sure what. Charity counted every bite. And in the last two days he has done some cool stuff. He started making this sound like a car revving when he pushes a toy car or the little truck he rides on.

He also started dancing with his body and not just his head, which was really funny. He sort of sways back and forth and lifts his left foot up and down. And he was also introduced to a sippy cup, which didn’t go great, but it was a start. He doesn’t have much to drink throughout the day, we don’t think. Just at meals is all we have seen, so we wanted him to be able to have some water or juice while we’re there, and the caretakers seem to be fine with us giving him stuff. I guess they really trust us.

The coolest thing he did was fall asleep in his mom’s arms for a little while before lunch. That was definitely a first, and it is a good sign that he is starting to identify with us some. He also got a big smile when we came into his room today and speed crawled over to us. He knows that when we come, it’s to see him.

This is still such a cool picture of love and giving something so real and vital to someone who has gone his entire 20-month life without. He has learned to sooth himself, not cry at things, and sort of be on his own, but we are here now, and I think little by little he is learning that. It’s a hard lesson to learn. He has never known anything like this. He has never known family. He has never known unconditional or just because. And this is his chance.

He is a cool little guy, and already he has taught us a lot about ourselves, about God, and about life. We can already see God working in the way things have happened in the last week or so. And so without any further delay, here is our little guy, Sam.

(And I have to say that while I understand the motivation, I resent the threats.)

8 responses to “without further delay…

  • Muriel

    he is darling. I remember the blue medicine spots…so silly. I love the pic of him asleep on his mommy.

  • Darla Elder

    I have sat her & sobbed reading your story. Praise God for chosing you to be Sam’s parents. The thought of so many babies not knowing the love of parents is almost too much to bear. What an inspiration you two are.

  • Angela

    I can tell by the looks on your faces that love has already make you guys experts on raising Sam. He is already the best of both of you. Love to you guys.


  • Debra

    He is so precious!!! We can’t wait to see him!!!!!!!!!

  • Aunt Jamie

    I’m totally about to cry. At school too. 🙂
    Praise God! He’s precious!

  • Ashley and Luke

    Yay! I cheated and saw some pics on Charity’s facebook, but I’m glad to see them on here and have an update from you guys! He is absolutely adorable, and like Sara I am kind of upset that I don’t get to play with him for a while. I’m so glad he’s bonding with you both and making progress! Please keep the pics and updates coming…or else ( I had to throw that in there for your comment 🙂
    Love you three!

  • Sara Skaggs

    I love him already, and I’m despising the fact that we still have to wait so long to meet him! Please keep posting pictures, he’s just adorable!! Love you guys, and we are SO happy for you!

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