You guys want to see my video?

Hey guys, this one is short and to the point. We uploaded our first video of Sam to our youtube page. It’s called Sammie Wonder. We hope you guys enjoy him as much as we are. If you don’t already know the page, it’s:

From what we hear we might actually be leaving the baby house with him tomorrow to go make his passport picture. We’ll see. We are not exactly sure what is going on, so things are right on course with everything else.

And one additional thing you guys can pray about is that we have gotten several strange and probing questions from some different people about our process and about some of our friends here. From what we can tell nothing strange is going on, and nothing has happened, but the questions are a little too personal, we think, and we want to have wisdom in how to answer or if we even should.

Thank you for walking so faithfully beside us. More news soon. Enjoy the video.

11 responses to “You guys want to see my video?

  • Jane Peterson

    How absolutely DARLING!!! I love that Sam loves music! He is Sammie Wonder, indeed! Love & prayers, Jane, for The Fam

  • Christi C

    The pics and video are greatness! I especially love how he has fallen asleep on Mommy! This time is priceless. Continuing to pray and asking the Lord to pour out His wisdom on you daily> Love ya’ll. CC

  • Ashley and Steven Smith

    Hey Ya’ll we are so thrilled to read everything and see the video. Jewell watches with me when I check during the day and we are praying for you all the time – especially that God will work in the many areas of your lives where you need Him – even though we don’t know what that means over here. We are so excited about you and this weekend we did a college retreat – I shared with the Girls from Eph. 1:1-14 about all the spriritual blessings we have in Christ and some of them are being chosen, adopted and receiving and inheritance. I used you all as an example. We are proud of you and love you!
    Ashley Smith

  • Aunt Lynn and Uncle Chuck

    Sammie Wonder is an amazing and precious guy! We are already so smitten with this darling guy! Can’t wait to meet Sam and hug you guys! Love you all so very much! Thanks for the great updates.

  • Ashley and Luke

    I love, love, love the Sammie Wonder video! He is seriously feeling the music and grooving to it! How awesome is that!!! Thanks for sharing!
    love you three

  • Crystal

    Greatness! I can picture him seeing that video when he’s 16…Love ya’ll.

  • susan

    Hi, he’s a cutie!!! I am supposed to travel (as a single mom) to Kaz next year for my adoption. Would it be okay if I learned who your agency is? Sending you warm wishes and prayers, Susan

  • Joy Whitenack

    He is so cute!! Congratulations you guys!! This must be so exciting for you.

  • Lindsey

    Oh my goodness! He is so cute and will probably very musically talented!!! Praise the Lord for a beautiful son!

  • Tammy

    Wow! Such a sweet video… knowing that he is spending his first moments with his forever Godly, loving parents makes my heart smile. Praying for ya’ll and your special first times together!

  • ashli

    I LOVE SAMMIE WONDER and seeing both of your smiles!!! much awesomeness and music in his soul. 🙂

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