overwhelmed by the masses (and all kinds of goodies)

Today was our 11th day of bonding, and it is flying by. That is definitely an answer to prayer. We are enjoying the time, but we also want to see this whole process completed soon, so the faster some days go, the better. But we also want to enjoy it. Sam is also eating really well. We asked people to pray about that a few days ago, and since then he really has been eating well. I think mom and dad are figuring out that he is used to eating his whole meal in about 5 minutes, so we are having to learn to speed up some in our feeding routine, but he has been doing a lot better. We’re proud of him and thankful to you who prayed. Keep it up.

We also want to ask a simple question: where is the love? Does no one care about us anymore? We only had 743 people read the blog yesterday. Did we do something to upset you? Seriously, this junk is crazy. We actually did have 743 readers yesterday, and our all time high was on March 17th. 1,259 people checked us out. What the heck is that?!

I guess I should just be frank and say that 1,259 people checked Sam out. But when we see those numbers we are stunned and ask each other who all these people are. I don’t even think the two of us combined even know that many people. And we see how it is, too. Everbody loves Sam. Before we had Sam we had had like 10 hits on our site since its creation back in the 80’s. Now everybody is interested. Am I not cute, too?

If you were one of the 1,259 on March 17th, congratulations and thank you for playing. And really, all those numbers do is humble us. It is amazing and literally overwhelming to see how many people care about us and our boy. We have been blessed to be loved and carried by so many exceptional people. We can really feel you praying, and we have seen the results firsthand in the last two weeks for sure. We wish you could be here to see it for yourselves. It is faith-building to see God do things in response to our asking. You guys are helping to refine and deepen our faith and our dependence on the Lord, and you are participating in the ransoming of Sam. We are grateful for the part you have played. And we are humbled that you would walk with us for all this time.

So in response to the outpouring of support and the love fest we are unveiling the first ever Thoughts from the Journey poll. I am not making any promises that we will go with your decision, but we still want to know what you think. So this is your chance to participate even more. We welcome your comments, too.

And there’s also a video up for your viewing pleasure on our youtube page. It’s just raw video, and it’s funny.

And as always, thank you for walking so long with us.

6 responses to “overwhelmed by the masses (and all kinds of goodies)

  • Lorri Vickery-Chipman

    I am Meridith Almon-Vickery’s sister-in-law; she is married to my brother, Matt. She shared your info with our family and ask us to pray for you all. My husband and I adopted a little boy (Cole) 2 1/2 yrs ago and I know the emotional rollercoaster you guys are going through; although I cannot imagine having to leave the country and the language barrier you must be feeling! Just want you to know how excited we are for you guys and what a blessing God has given to you and Sam. He is a beautiful little boy. We will keep your new family in our prayers and if you EVER need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!! God is SOOOOOO good!!!!!
    Brad, Lorri and Cole

  • Darla Elder

    I think Sam should call you Papa. Our ladies prayer group prayed for y’all last Wednesday morning. We’ll continue to pray each Wednesday for God to continue to show you His favor. It’s so exciting to read each update & to see little Sam in pictures & videos. We love you guys, & my heart is overflowing with joy for you three.

  • Becki Stone

    Hello! I’m one of the many that is now reading your blog- it is totally not because you are not cute, but because we now have something in common- Kazakhstan Adoption. Our dossier is in Kazakhstan now, and we are waiting for our region assignment so we can meet our special kiddo!
    Sam is beautiful! 🙂 Take care!

  • Crystal

    I think everyone is just stopping by to see your boy in pink pants, I mean I never thought I’d see that day, ever. And your videos are kind of interesting 🙂 Love ya’ll, praying.

  • Charlotte Cox

    I don’t know who all your 700-1200 people are either. But I can tell you that about 15 joined in prayer this evening after our Esther ladies Bible study to lift you and Charity up to the Lord. I’ll share one of the things I learned during the video this evening. No matter what’s going on in your life, no matter what your need is, no matter how you need God to intervene on your behalf==God knows how! He’s the Ancient of Days and He will see to your success! Keep trusting and know that FBC T-town is praying for you!!!

  • Maria

    what a wonderful video! charity- so beautiful to see you mothering your own little baby boy. very touching. thank you for sharing.

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