what’s new? not much

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These days are all sort of running together because they all look the same. We are waiting to get into court, so nothing is happening officially in our process other than just waiting. Court is our big deal, so we are anxiously waiting to get a date set.

We did talk to our coordinator today, and he was finishing up some last documents to be submitted to the court, so Lord willing we will get a court date next week. That is my projection, not his. We did ask him if he thought we would go to court next week, and his response was, “Yes, if God helps us.”

We don’t know exactly what he meant by that, whether it was sarcastic because of our last conversations or if he was dead serious. Either way we know it is on his mind. And this is God’s time to really show him something. So we are praying as hard as ever right now that God would give us a quick date.

Our coordinator also put some pressure on us again about some things he had previously pressued us on. We held our ground and told him we really wanted to make sure things happened in a straightforward and honest way and that we would trust the Lord with it and pray that he honors us. So he is definitely aware that we are waiting on and trusting in the Lord for these things, specifically with one issue at court that he claims will be an issue.

So we are praying that we would get a quick court date and a favorable decision and that this one issue would really be a non-issue. We want those things because we want things to move fast and we want to get a yes. We are also motivated to pray this even more so that God will do something for his own name in the eyes of some people here. We are praying that he will use these circumstances to draw peple here and at home to himself, whether this is the first touch, the last touch, or somewhere in the middle.

Sam is a funny little kid. We took him outside a few times in the last few days for what we think were his first times to ever be outside to play. He seemed to be in awe and basically was just looking at things like cars driving by or birds or snow. Today we played on the playground with him, and hie slid down the slide. It took some getting used to, but he loved it once he did. We were pushing him at first, but after a few times he would start scooting himself off the edge as soon as we set him down.

And he was also in a ridiculously huge and girly looking snow suit. It was so big we could not even see his hands most of the time. It was hilarious. Pictures I am sure he will hate us for in about 13 years, but we are enjoying it anyway.

I think this kid was in A Christmas Story 

I love gum

Dad and Sam outside

So nothing too super spiritual today. Just enjoy the boy like we are enjoying him. Please pray with us for a quick court date, that this one issue would not be an issue at all, and for a favorable decision.

We are so grateful for the faithfulness of so many friends and family. Thank you for walking with us all the way.

9 responses to “what’s new? not much

  • Christi C

    we are praying for you guys! Can’t wait to see God continue to show Himself faithful!

  • Blayne

    Praying for the three of you and all the people that you need to make this work. Miss you and pray that you get your court date soon. Kev and I can’t wait to meet Sam, just like everyone else at church. Be strong and know that there is a whole bunch of people back home praying for you.

  • Chanda

    I’m so glad I found your website! We never officially introduced ourselves, but we saw you guys one time in the “shoe room” at the baby house. Sam looked so happy that day! We’ll be back soon, and hope to see you again.

  • Aunt Elisabeth

    Love you guys. We’re praying.

  • Matt and Tori Lucas

    Man we love you guys. Thinking about you and praying with you daily…love, your cousins.

    PS = That snow suit WAS ridiculous. It absolutely made our day!

  • Ashley and Luke

    Glad to hear from you guys! I don’t like not reading anything new for several days in a row..hint, hint! 🙂
    We are praying for a quick court date for you guys and favor with the judge. We are also praying the issue, wont’ be an issue. Hope you guys have peace in the midst of all of this craziness going on.
    Love and miss you like crazy!
    Ash, Luke, Claire, and Ellie! (Dr. is 95% sure it’s another girl!!!!)

  • Jamie

    Sasha wore the same Disney Princess hat when we got to go outside! She loved it… but I’m guessing that Sam doesn’t (or won’t) feel the same way.

    Looking forward to hearing about a quick court date. I know that all of our journeys are different, but FWIW our court date was 4 weeks to the day from the day we met Sasha

  • Janie

    Just a suggestion, in love.

    “Wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove.”

  • Willefords

    We are praying with full confidence that the Lord will not only give you great favor in court but that He would reign over every decision…..that it would be more than obvious that He is in control over the court, over Sammy. Please know that we are on our knees praying for your sweet family. God is so faithful.

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