Wednesday is our last day to sleep in for a long time

Only one more visit for us and one more night for Sam in the baby house. It’s all getting very real and surprisingly a little sad. We are mostly very excited, but there is sort of a sadness to all of the change that Sam is about to go through. There is also some of that on our part, too. We have spent 7 weeks seeing these kids almost everyday, and we feel connected to them. It is going to be hard to leave this season of our lives and hard to leave them behind when there is so much to be done for them. We trust God’s leadership and his hand in it all, but it is hard just the same.

It’s really just the result of a broken system that is doing the best it can. They take pretty good care of these guys, and they do all they can for them. The sitation is just such that there is only so much they can do. Because of who we are at our core, broken, there are certain things like this that are inevitable in life. They are the natural results of our imperfection, weakness, selfishness, and need for Jesus. But Jesus is the overcomer, and he has overcome the world. We just pray for these little guys left behind that Jesus will make a way for them to families, to parents, to intense love and attention, and to the gospel.

We did have a “party” today in Sam’s class. We took juice, a cake, cookies, and a cake, which we asked about beforehand, but then they said it was not a good time for a snack, so we just left the snacks for later and basically played with balloons for 45 minutes. It was still sweet time with Sam and his friends. Sam actually got a bit restless nad jealous after a while. We’ve never stayed with him in his class and played with him and all the otehr kids. It was a reminder to us of how difficult all this change is going to be for him and for us. But we are excited to get him here and then to get him home.

Some of you have asked about our visa situation, too. We had to pay about $205 in fines and fees, and they re-registered us. They renewed our visa immediately after, so we should be good there. We are good until June 3rd, and hopefully we’ll be home way before that.

Thanks for praying. Keep it up. We need wisdom as new parents of a two-year old. Please pray that our paperwork would be processed quickly and effeciently. Please pray that we would get home with no more problems by mid-May.

Thanks for holding us while we walk down a hard road. We are excited to be turning the page to a new chapter in it.

10 responses to “Wednesday is our last day to sleep in for a long time

  • tntc

    It sounds like its too late to see you again at the baby house, so…

    There may be privacy issues or even privacy laws to consider when posting pictures and names of other children. Many IA bloggers do not post pictures of their “own” child until after “gotcha day” when s/he is truly theirs. Admittedly, we couldn’t hold ourselves to that standard.

    No one reading should assume those children are adoptable. Many in the baby house are not.

    Best wishes!

  • Ashley and Luke

    So, I’m guessing you have him at your aparment by now!!! How exciting to think of!!! You are right about the not being able to sleep in…but it’s definitely worth it! Now you’ll just get to wake up to the sound of a little one…it is the best sound ever! Praying the paperwork will go smoothly and quickly!
    Love and miss ya’ll!

  • Denae

    oh my gosh, this is it, this is what you’ve been waiting for for 2 whole years!!!!!! i have chills just thinking about it. been pring for you guys, right now that i’m pring that you are deep in sleep and sam is too!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH it’s really happening!! keep pressing on though in all this excitement satan is waiting for his chance to jump in and steal your joy, i know you will do this but just a reminder set your eyes on HIM! not sam, not your new family, not anything else, HIM!!

  • Tammy

    How exciting! I am soooooo thrilled for you both and Sam! I love that he was jealous when you were spending time with the other little ones. 🙂 I praise the Lord for hearts like yours, and will continue to pray for a smooth transition for Sam and you two, and a safe return!! Blessings, Tams

  • Lanetta Gobble

    reading this post broke my heart….. Phil and I also pray that all those babies will experience and know Christ’s love one day..
    praying for you, Sam, and all those babies you’ve grown to love…..

  • Jamie

    Wahoo – hooray for your first *complete* day as a family! I do understand the loss… but what a beautiful time of celebration -redemption- as well.

  • Bo & Julie Davis

    Yes, your life is SOOO about to change. But its all worth it! Y’all are probably about to go to bed, and will wake up in 8 hours or so, and go get your boy!!! That is so exciting!
    That is so neat y’all had a little party, such good parents!
    All the other children are so precious. Breaks my heart! Y’all are also precious and are doing an amazing thing!

    We will pray that you can get everything done to come home soon, as well as your new adventure with a 2 yr old!

    Sleep good & late!

    love you!
    bo & julie

  • Meredith Almon-Vickery

    Too bad you can’t bring Matt & I a little bundle of joy home! They are so precious! I would want to bring them all home (or help them too)! I know it must be hard. I’m so glad that you guys are doing this amazing selfless act to help a deserving child of God. Sam is so lucky to have you as parents. I am so excited for you and continue to pray for all of you! I hope this day passes for you very quickly!

    Much Love,

  • Aunt Elisabeth

    Yeah for only one more night! We will be praying for y’all and Sam as a new transition begins. I love you guys!

  • Jamie Butts

    I wish I could be rich and have a huge house and take all of those kids in. 😦
    I bet your heart is torn. But, praise God that you can help one of them, and that everything is going so well. He’s so good and faithful to answer your prayers!
    I can’t wait to hug all 3 of you again!
    Love to you!

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