stories and pictures from the last nine days

We are on day 9 with Sam in the apartment, and life has changed. He is such a good little guy. He listens to us really well most of the time, and when he can tell what we want him to do he almost always does it. Sometimes he does it with the saddest face ever as he is mustering up tears of sadness for being told “no” or tears of hurt because we had to get onto him. He has such a tender heart.

He’s already met his grampy and grammy and poppy and yaya over skype, and he’s learning his way around the kitchen cabinets. He loves to carry kitchen things to the bed and bedroom things into the kitchen. We’ve had our share of dirty diapers, too. Last night we were having dinner at some Kazakh friends’ apartment when we smelled him. Charity took him in the other room, and I heard her yell my name, so I went to check it out. Calling for backup for a dirty diaper can be nothing but bad. It was coming out the side of his diaper and was in his pants and even had gotten on the front of his onesie somehow.  The boy had let it loose. His pants were ruined for the evening, and we had not brought a new set of clothes, so we had him in a diaper and they sent us home with him in a pair of the wife’s sweatpants. Nice!

Bath time is also crazy. It was crazy bad, now it’s crazy good. The first few days he would scream like crazy in the tub and freak out when we poured water on his head. He even started crying when we got him close to the bathroom. Now he cries when we go into the bathroom and come out without running any bath water.

Dad and Sam were playing around the apartment and wound up in the bathroom. He has some bath toys that were in the tub that he was interested in. I tried to put him in the tub just to get used to it some without water, but he was not interested. He just wanted to play with the toys from the safety of the tile. After a while he was too curious to stay at a distance so he wanted in the tub. He wasn’t real comfortable, and wouldn’t sit down, but he was happy to be close to the toys. Finally he forgot where he was and sat down and started playing and throwing all the toys out of the tub.

We did that for a while and finally I offered to turn the water on slowly, thinking he would freak and want out. I turned it on and started playing with it and almost immediately he wanted to play with it, too, so he moved closer. He gradually got closer and closer until he was getting his clothes wet, so we stripped him, again thinking he would catch on, but he did not. He just loved playing in the water. So we put the stopper in and let the tub fill up while he played and splashed in the water faucet. Once the tub started getting full he started splashing it everywhere, and that is his agenda in the tub now. And he loves it. You can’t give him a bath without getting one yourself, but it’s a lot of fun to participate.

So Sam is great. It’s amazing how he’s already changing and how much he is changing us. Now we are just waiting on some things to happen with our coordinators and paperwork to get home. It’s a strange feeling and we are getting more and more ready to go home everyday. Everything we came here for, at least knowingly, is finished. So now we are just waiting to go home, but we can’t get little Sam out of the country and into the States. So we wait.

Please pray that things would happen quickly. We are checking on the status of some things and working through some things to try to get out of here, so please pray for bigger things that we can see and bigger answers than we can even imagine. Thanks for walking with us. Hopefully we’ll be able to walk it in person with many of you sometime soon.

11 responses to “stories and pictures from the last nine days

  • Rick Carroll

    What a great update! And congratulations! Every parent has to go through a diaper explosion at some point. Ours happened at the Galleria during Christmas one year. Conveniently, neither Mom NOR the diaper bag was around so my younger brother-in-law (childless at the time). Our son and I spent some precious moments in the Bloomingdales bathroom (we pretty well cleared it out!) with LOTS of paper towels while my bro-in-law searched the entire mall for my wife! Great times. You guys continue to be in my prayers daily. Stay the course, keep the faith and HANG IN THERE! You’re so very close AND you have a precious new Son! God Bless you all.

  • Blayne

    Ha! I love the poop story….lol. Glad to see Sam and hear from y’all. Still praying for your speedy and safe return.

    Blayne and Kevin

  • Jamie

    Congrats – those days in the apartment in Kaz were challenging, but it was also a simple, sweet bonding time. No work, no yardwork, no church, no english TV – just the 3 of us together.

  • Cole and Erin Wilkins

    We are praying that you’ll get to come home very soon-safely and incident free. We think about you guys often and look to you as heros! You have greatly ministered to us as you invest your life into “the least of these.”

  • Jamie Butts

    We’re planning a trip to TX this summer, and I told Dustin – “YEA! We get to meet Sam!”
    Love ya’ll. You are awesome parents… take good notes for us on how it’s done. Lots to learn, lots to learn…
    Love you!

  • YaYa and Poppy

    We love the new pictures and so look forward to getting our arms around him!
    Will see you all REAL soon.

    Love and miss you guys,
    YaYa and Poppy

  • Susan

    Whew! I was getting worried about you guys!

    Hey, we’ve all been there with an explosive diaper and no extra clothes. It only happens once. Same thing about forgetting to bring snacks or a clean diaper with you. It’s miserable when you need it and don’t have it! hah.

    Take care, Susan

  • Grammy

    I’m so glad he likes bath time now. Or should I say playing in the water time!
    Whatever works! Missing you all so much!
    Grammy and Grampy

  • Emily Martin

    Well….it’s about time! haha… I think I was having Sam withdrawals…not getting to hear new stories or see new picts. 🙂 Praying for a speedy return! What fun stories you’re going to have for him when he’s older!

  • Aunt Elisabeth

    I love the pictures! I guess he’s got a thing for climing in drawers…fun times!

  • Aaron Hamilton

    woo hoo! a new post! We love you guys and are praying for your speedy return. In a year, you’ll look back and talk about how fast this all flew by.

    I want to hug that little boy sooo bad!

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