a fun weekend along with another little dose of reality

There’s bad news and good news. Good news first. Yesterday was Victor’s Day, a holiday left over from the Soviet days, but we all know the Kazakhstani people love their holidays. They had a big fair open down at Central Park. It was complete with rides, vendors selling food, shows, cotton candy, horse rides, and all kinds of other things. We don’t do much of anything formally these days like go to work, go the baby house, church, or anything else. We hang out all day every day. So we are usualy looking for things to do.

We went to the carnival yesterday for a while and it was a good time. We ate some popsicles and ice cream, rode the boat across the lake, and let Sam play in the bounce house. We went back again today to see if it was still going on, and it definitely was. Today we did a little more.

We kept a running total of our expenditures, and it’s just ridiculous. First we took a carriage ride, 200 tenge. Next we rode the ferris wheel, 120 tenge. Then little kids swings for Mom and Sam, 60 tenge. Then the big swings for Dad and Sam, 120 tenge. Then two popsicles, 140 tenge. Altogether 640 tenge. Total in US dollars: $4.27. A day outside of your one room apartment on the warmest day yet with your new son on Mother’s Day: of course, priceless.

Now for the bad news. We found out a few days ago that Sam’s documents are taking longer for some reason. We don’t know what all is going on, as usual, but they told us his passport will be ready on May 18th, then up to 10 days to get his visa, then 3 days for registering in the capitol, then 3 days or so in Almaty, then on to the States. That’s way longer than we were told to expect. We aren’t sure why or what we can do about it. We are trying to look into it, but at this point we are just praying. It was a pretty discouraging day when we heard that, and to be honest, we’re still taking it pretty hard.

It’s been good to remember all the good things God has done for us. He has brought us so far and given us Sam. This would be so much worse if this were a problem while Sam was still in the baby house, so for that we are incredibly thankful. We know God is doing good things and we trust him. We really had our minds set on getting home and starting life. The time here without much going on has been so great, and we can see how valuable it has been and continues to be with every new day. But we are all getting a little stir crazy.

Thank you guys for remembering us, and thank you for praying us through all this. We’ll see how things work out and when. We trust that God will take care of the things that were needing our attention back home.

9 responses to “a fun weekend along with another little dose of reality

  • Crystal

    Thinking of ya’ll….trusting Father is working all this out to get the most glory for himself.

  • Lanetta Gobble

    The pictures are great… he’s so precious!!
    We are praying for you and will continue to
    pray you get home quickly….

  • Jamie

    So fun! The park always looked so cool to us, although the sub-zero temps were a bit of a deterrent. Happy Mother’s Day, we pray that your joy overflows, even if it has to overflow a little longer in Kaz than you were expecting

  • Aunt Mary Etta

    I am so happy for you. Since I know a little bit about being adopted, this is really moving along at a good speed, but waiting is hard!
    I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see more pix and for you to get stateside.
    With our love,
    Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary Etta

  • Aunt Elisabeth

    Hey I know its that its a day late for y’all, but Happy Mother’s day! You’re a Mama!

  • Megyn

    Looking at your pictures is making me think of what a huge life change this is for little Sam. Before, he was just living inside a baby house day after day, and now he’s getting to go to a carnival with his very own family!! I’m so excited for him and for you!

  • Blayne

    Guess lil Sam is not afraid of heights 🙂 Sorry about the longer than expected wait to come back home and, of course, we are still praying for you three.

    Blayne and Kevin

  • Dwayne

    Hey guys, I’m sorry you are still there, I know that I can’t understand how bad you’re ready to be back. So I pray that you are able to return ridiculously fast. It is my prayer that you continue to touch the lives of those that you can’t meet back home while you remain away from home.

    p.s. don’t hurry back for the Mavs sake. haha….

  • Grammy and Grampy

    What a fun day! So glad you got to get out some and enjoy yourselves!
    Still praying! We love you all so much and look forward to your return.

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