Zoo…and Sam is growing up

This week we got out for an adventure at the zoo with some local friends who were very good to us. We weren’t quite sure what animals to expect, and they did have chickens, rabbits, foxes, horses, donkeys. But they also had bears, lions, pumas, tigers, and a hippo. It was pretty cool and made for a good day out for the family. We get pretty cooped up, so that was a good day.

Sam even shared a banana with a hippo. Charity was giving Sam a snack as we walked away form the hippo when he started out of the water and slowly right toward us. You can get pretty close to most of the animals, so he came right up to us and opened his mouth wide. We looked at each other, and Charity threw in a piece of banana. Turns out that was exactly what he wanted. He did it again and then again and he knew as soon as he got that little piece of banana in his huge mouth every time. Crazy sucker!

Sam has also semi learned to drink and feed himself. He can get some pretty good bites when there is something pretty sticky in his bowl. Once we were talking and just looked over and he was holding up his glass taking a drink all by himself. We were surprised and just laughed at how the little dude keeps surprising us. He is growing and changing so fast already.

We have been reading and telling Sam the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and how big of a deal it was that they would not bow to any god other than the real God. At the end of the story we asked Sam if he would bow and he shook his head no while mom yelled, “no!” That’s our thing with him now. We posted a video for our college students on our youtube page youtube.com/igoac called Hillcrest Video May 17. You can see Sam saying “no, he will not bow” in it. It’s about 5:20 long and shows a little bit of what we do during the day here, which ain’t much.

And here’s a bonus today for anyone who wants to see the journey in video form. We have been poasting videos of Sam since day one for grandparents, doctors, and such that we are no longer keeping a secret. The page is youtube.com/kazbaby09 and has about 45 videos of Sam from the first day we spent with him until now. If you are into that, enjoy.

The biggest prayer requests we have right now are for Sam’s passport to some on Monday and for his visa to be approved by Friday. The passport is supposed to be here on Monday, but you never know. And the visa could take up to 10 business days, but we are praying that it will be this week so we can get moving. Once those two things happen we will be able to start making some tentative plans to head back toward home. We would also appreciate prayer for our continued perseverance and patience. We are doing well, but days get long here without much to do. We have really seen the blessing of this amount of time together before returning to the craziness that will be the summer, but we are getting a little stir crazy. So we are praying for speed in the process, but also grace, perseveranc, and patience in the waiting.

Thank you for loving us and walking with us. We love you guys.

6 responses to “Zoo…and Sam is growing up

  • Christi C

    Sorry it’s been so long since I have commented but I wanted you to know you guys are still on our hearts and minds. Just was talking about you today with a friend over lunch…God is so good to open doors through your story. We love you all!
    Christi and Big Bad Brad

  • Aaron and Charity

    Justin, hilarious!

  • Justin S.

    I’m curious who got Sam the rockin bucket hat. I also enjoyed the pictures of his first haircut. Maybe dad should join in next time. I thought that bear was Aaron for a second…. ; )

    We’re praying for you guys and can’t wait to see you. I’m a little bummed it won’t be for another few weeks, but apparently God’s still not done with you all in that hemisphere. I really enjoyed the video on Sunday morning, especially Sam’s jello dance. It’s so cool to walk through this with you all. Stay strong and focused. This journey is a whole lot bigger than you all, and it’s having an impact. Love yall!

  • Jamie

    Love seeing photos of the good ol’ Karaganda zoo – did you guys ride the camels?!? Keeping fingers crossed for speedy paperwork and for the three of you to return home quickly – doesn’t that sound wonderful? The *three* of you!

  • Dwayne

    suddenly “Hungry Hungry Hippos” makes sense….

  • Grammy and Grampy

    Thanks for posting pictures. I could hardly wait to see them. Looks like a beautiful day to get out for an adventure at the zoo. Sam is learning so much.
    We love you all and we’re still praying.

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