a short update

Hey friends. We have gotten a little slower in updates lately because of laziness, but also beause Charity’s brother Davy is here with us. He came in for some much needed refreshment and encouragement, and it has been great. Sam loves him already, and I think the rest of our family is jealous that he got to meet Sam first. We have attached a picture of Davy with Sam.

We also got some news recently of a possible return date coming up real soon. We are waiting to hear back about a couple of document details, and we will hold back exact dates until we can know more concretely, just because we know it might create a small swirling buzz, but we think that word will come on Monday. And we are really hopeful for a quick return date.  So more details to come soon on that.

We have really seen some things happen in our own personal lives in the last week or week and a half that have been sort of refining but very good, so we can see at least some of the goodness in being here longer. These are all things that could only have happened in us being here for longer. We have seen some things growing in us and God working some things in our spirits and our hearts that wil be good. One of our prayers about all of those things in the last 2 years is that they will stick. We don’t want to return to “life as usual” or try to make things back the way they were. We want to know that things have changed and that it’s just a good kind of different. And we want to learn to integrate what God has done in us. We don’t want things to go back to how they were for us personally and as a family.

So there  is our latest update. Hopefully there will be a little more detail to share in our next update. Thanks for walking with us. Now, on to the pictures.

4 responses to “a short update

  • Janie

    Aaron and Charity,
    Your pictures and your blog journal entries are just beautiful. You don’t know us but we are praying for you. What a happy and beautiful family you are. Hang in there. Blessings and Love. The Hollands

  • Aunt Elisabeth

    I sure do hope y’all are home soon. I want to hug my nephew. We had some visitors over the other day and there’s a pic of Sam on the refrigerator. Samantha said, “That’s my cousin Sam, he’s crazy!” Ha…I thought that was funny.
    Love y’all. Can’t wait to hug you all.

  • Jessica Crutchfield

    Hi Aaron and Charity,
    I have been following your blog for a while now and have loved to see how much Sam has changed. My husband Chris and I are here right now in Karaganda. If you aren’t leaving for another couple of days we would love to meet you for lunch at the Karaganda Cafe. Let me know. We will probably be here everyday for lunch. Our visits are 10-12 and 4-6 at the baby house. My email is jwearing@hotmail.com or just come by if you get a chance!

  • Justin S.

    Kinda funny that Davy will be the first one to give us a personal, first-hand account of what Sam is like…
    Glad to hear a possible return date is coming soon. It’s actually here! You’re actually bringing this little person home soon! I’m really excited for you guys, even if we won’t get to be here. If the journey to get Sam home has been this intense, I can’t imagine what God’s going to do once yall are back!
    Praying for you guys. Talk to you soon!

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