“Lord willing” is the most appropriate phrase here

In the book of James, he says that we make all these plans, but that we don’t know what a day will bring. He says we will do this and that if the Lord wills it. So you hear lots of people say things like this, “Today we will leave our city headed for Almaty on our way home, Lord willing!” And attaching Lord willing to it is the most appropriate way to say it as we have seen in our time here and especially in these last few days. You can just never be sure.

So I preface all this with the fact that you can never be sure here. So having said that, Lord willing, we will be leaving our city this afternoon at 5pm on a train headed for Almaty. If things go smoothly we will be heading home on Sunday, May 31st.

Without sharing too many details, we heard two days ago and again yesterday that tings would not be finished by today and that we would be here several more days, but it was. God is powerful, and in this case we have seen his power even over men’s hearts. He moves things and people however he wants to, and his power touches everything.

So we head to Almaty for a doctor visit tomorrow and then we turn our stuff in to the Embassy the next day. The next day we have Sam’s visa interview where we will, Lord willing, get his visa and be ready to come home. So for now pray for a quick and good doctor visit. This will also be our first with Sam so his mom and dad are a little nervous about what all might come from it. Also please pray that all of our documents are in order when we go to the embassy.

Thank you, and hopefully we will be takling to many of you face to face real soon. Thank you for walking with us for all this time. We love you.

8 responses to ““Lord willing” is the most appropriate phrase here

  • Sandi

    Aaron and Charity,
    It was great to meet you at the SOS clinic and run into you today at the Ramstor. I am so happy that everything has worked out and that you are heading home soon. Sam is absolutely adorable and with all the love and care you guys have he is going to thrive in his new home.

    Safe travels home.


    • Aaron and Charity

      Hey Sandi, it was great to meet you, too. It was an encouragement to meet you and hear your story. We’re glad to be in on this with people like you. We hope the rest of your stuff will be smoother than it has in the past. We’ll be praying for you.

  • Jamie

    You are so close to returning home as a family of three! I understand the “Lord willing” part – our adventure in Kazakhstan definitely broke us of the illusion of our own control over people and processes.

  • Barbara P.

    Great news! I hold you in my prayers. An amazing journey … that has just begun!

  • Cousin Christen

    Wonderful news!!! Praying and thinking of you all as you make your journey home. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Grammy and Grampy

    We’ll be waiting! We love you!

  • John

    I’m pumped for you guys, bro, and praying hard. How great is our God that He moves whomever He wishes, whenever He wishes. Hallelujah what a Savior!

  • Aaron h

    Wow this is amazing news!! We will be praying for a safe and productive few days in Almaty. Can’t wait to see you all!

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