James Brown, please meet us at the airport

Strange suggestion, we know, but we want to recreate the scene from Rocky 4 when James Brown sings “I-live-in-Amer-ica” right before Apollo Creed fights the Russian. We want that as Sam comes off the plane. (Not really, and please do not attempt to re-create this in any way).

The point is Sam is now one of the elect. He was chosen by the United States of America, not by any works of his own, to be called an American citizen. His visa interview went so great, so fast, and was so refreshing after some of the interviews we’ve been through.

Altogether we were at the consulate for about 30 minutes, and the visa interview only took about 10 minutes. It was really more of them telling us what was going to happen next and what documents we would need along the way. We also got the famed “sealed envelope” to carry home with us. We celebrated by paying about $18 for some ice cream and a shake at Baskin Robbins, and we could not have been more excited about it.

So everything we came here for has been done, everyone we need permission from to get out of here and into American has given it, and plane tickets have been purchased. We leave here tomorrow night around 3am headed for Frankfurt, then on to Dallas where we arrive at 2:30pm Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who has walked with us through some or all of this. We will be posting some about other things and people as we close out this season in the next few days or weeks, but thank you. We know that we could not have done this without so many of you.

20 responses to “James Brown, please meet us at the airport

  • Jane Peterson

    WELCOME HOME, SAM!!!!! (And Mommy & Daddy too!) Let the celebrations begin!!!! With REJOICING & love, Jane & Neal

  • Aunt Mel

    Woohoo! I love you more than you can know and I cannot wait to get back and wrap my little Sam up in a big bear hug. See you guys soon.

  • Darla Elder

    Welcome home, Sam! So happy for you guys. What an adventure, huh? Thanks for taking us with you, as I checked your blog every morning for updates. Will continue to pray for your family. Love you guys.

  • Stefanie Luedtke

    God is so wonderful! Wow this is so exciting. I pray for your safe travels and for God to continue to be glorified through you both. Thanks for sharing this journey with others.

  • Lanetta Gobble

    yeah!!! so thrilled you are finally coming home!!!
    Praying for safe travels… this news has made my day!!!
    YIPPEE, and thank you Jesus!! 🙂

  • Janie

    A sigh of thankfulness. We are so happy for your little family and for how you have allowed God to be glorified through this journey. Welcome home Little Sam. Blessings! Janie (PAP – Waiting in line)

  • susan

    Hook ’em horns! Ok, I admit, I live in Austin. I’m thrilled to know that there’s a new Kaz Kiddo in Texas. In case you’re not aware, there’s an international adoption chatroom on Yahoo for Texas families. It might be of interest to you. Safe travels, and wishing you all the best, Susan

  • Jessica Crutchfield

    Yipeeeeeeeeee!!! for going home. I know you guys are ready to be there. Congrats! If we make it to TX ever we will definitely visit. I will send the video when we get home. What an exciting feeling you guys must have 🙂

  • Kyle and Ashli

    Best thing I have heard today !!! Love you.

  • tntc

    Congrats! We celebrated our “visa” day with $18 worth of ice cream as well!!!

    Good luck on the long flight home!

    Theresa, Troy & Grace

  • Aunt Elisabeth

    I’m praying for the trip and can hardly contain myself. We are overjoyed. I had lunch with Samantha at school today and we were talking about her new cousin.

  • Jamie

    Hooray! Welcome home, Sam!

  • Joy Whitenack

    Yea!!! Congratulations!! You must be so excited. I bet you can’t wait to get home.

  • Angela

    Not only did America choose him but TEXAS!!! Sam is a Texan forevermore!

  • Jamie Butts


  • Poppy

    We celebrate with you in the wonderful news – that God’s appointed time is now at hand. It’s been a fabulous week of His movement once the stage had been set with deadlines and “won’t work” scenarios. May 31 must have special meaning. Hurry home! We’re praying for the trip and grace in traveling – especially for more of Sam’s “firsts.”

  • Bo & Julie

    Can’t believe that is finally all over. You will have some stories for Sam! You & charity are such strong people!! God chose you to do this for a reason! WE miss y’all sooo much and can’t wait to meet little Sam. Wish we would be in town when y’all come off that plane Sunday. See ya” when we get home! Love y’all!!!
    Come Home to TEXAS!!!!!

  • Willefords

    Praise Jesus! Oh praise Him!!!! We are so excited for y’all and will pray for smooth traveling with a tired baby (and parents)….3am ouch! He is a trooper! We will pray for all of you as you adjust to US time. Sam there are so many people here who are so excited that you are coming home!

  • Meagan Brown

    YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! So excited and can’t wait to see y’all!! Praying for safe travels! love y’all!!

  • Ashley and Luke

    WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! Can’t wait to see ya’ll!!!!!!!
    Love you 3!

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