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home again

Well, we are home now, and it is great. I will go ahead and say this before I write the rest of this out: there are no pictures here today. Instead we posted a short highlight video of our time with Sam at the baby house. We have a farewell party with his class and some footage of him in our apartment in Karaganda separately, so this is just highlights of his time in the baby house with us. It’s on our youtube page at

We got home Sunday afternoon to family and friends at the airport, and have been having a good time at home. We are recovering from jetlag, Sam included. He has woken up at midnight and 1 the last two nights for some midnight play time and then back to bed. Overall we are doing really well. We are enjoying the company of family who are really exicted to have us and especially Sam home.  We’ve really had some good family time between the three of us, too.

We are feeling some unexpected feelings as well. It’s hard to put our finger on it exactly, and we’re mosty just excited to be back, but we are feeling some things about leaving a place, returning to a place that should be very familiar, getting back in the swing with family and friends, and stuff like that.

I am having to remember a lot of our student training when we send them overseas. When people experience cultures deeply it is often hard to return back to the home culture, and I think we are feeling that a lot. A season of our lives was lived and really came to a close in that place, and it holds so much of our son’s history. It’s just a very mixed emotions kind of time.

So I guess the word of these last few days is surreal. It’s been very, very good. Sad in some ways. A little unexpected. Very at home, and at the same time a little unsettled. Surreal. But we’re really glad to be back, and Sam is so great. He is such a little trooper. He had his first haricut, his first ride in a carseat (which is a foreign concept in Kstan), his first night in HIS bed, in HIS room, with HIS dog, Lucy. It’s so cool.

Thank you for praying. We’ll post again soon.


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