Some video

1) Aaron recently got a Mac. Thank you to those responsible.
2) We recently dipped our video camera in the ocean.

So we have been trying to find a good video camera that we like. We have bought and returned two so far, so we are on our third camera in about a week and a half. We can’t test most of them in the store, so we just have to buy them. Since we are not satisfied we return the merchandise and demand a refund because we don’t take no crap off of nobody.

I am also learning to use my mac and imovie, so I made a little video collection of the Sam in the process of learning new cameras and programs. It’s posted on youtube at It’s not filled with action, but has a few things we think are funny.


(More to come on which video cameras we like, I guess.)

One response to “Some video

  • Uncle Justin

    I couldn’t find the new video on youtube. However, I did watch the baby house highlight video. It was awesome.
    Thanks for taking the time to keep this thing updated. It’s nice for those of us who don’t get the privilege of watching Sam grow up in person. Still praying for you guys!

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