what really makes us feel rich?

This just in: we have a 2 year old. (Pics at the bottom AFTER YOU FINISH READING)

A) It’s amazing to us every single day. 2) He’s a joy. D) I am learning so much from him, we both are. It’s hard learning to discipline your kids. Most parents already know this. It’s not that I don’t want to discipline him because I know he needs it, and I know it is going to be so good for him. It will teach him how to be a man, how to respect and love the Lord, and to hear the correcting voice of God. I just don’t want to upset him.

He is happy most of the time, and he has a smile that makes other people smile. So when we have to discipline him the hardest thing is knowing that we are going to upset the happiness that we love to see so much. The hardest times are when he is playing so contentedly and obeying us, and then all of a sudden something happens that throws it off. I hate to crush the spirit of a good mood, but it just has to be done.

I had a friend tell me yesterday how his 6 year old daughter talks about her little brother the way they talk about him as parents. She says things like, “I hate to see him get a spanking, but he needs it.” That’s really how we all feel as parents. I hate to see it, but I do have the privilege of teaching him to be godly, which means you experience discipline. We all do.

Today I went back through many of the scriptures that God used to speak to me through our long process to get to Sam and one scripture stood out to me that had not previously been that big for me in comparison to some others. It was Proverbs 20:21. It says that an inheritance quickly gained will not be blessed in the end.

Something that is easily gotten is easily lost, or so people say. When there isn’t a lot of investment to get it, it doesn’t mean as much sometimes, so it’s not that big of a deal to lose something. Its value is slighted because of the ease of which it is attained. And we see this principle at work here. We labored and struggled through so much to get to Sam that we experience intense joy at having him in our house now. I still walk into his room at night and am amazed that he is laying there in his own bed, in his own room, in Dallas, TX, USA, with his own monkey.

It’s crazy, and all that we went through to get to him has made his presence with us now so much more of a joy, or so I think. I don’t really have a reference point. But I think about all the long days and months, and those days and months are part of who Sam is to me. They are part of him, they are part of me, and they are part of our family. And we are so much richer for it.

Sam, I am:

4 responses to “what really makes us feel rich?

  • Uncle Justin

    Thanks for allowing us to peek inside your heart through these posts. It helps to know how to pray for you guys, and it also gives some great insight and example for those of us who may be in a life stage a few steps behind you.

  • Terry Sanford Smith

    Much wisdom here. We raised four daughters and now we have nine grandchildren. Sara’s, our oldest daughter, has a blog http://www.spaciou4him.wordpress.com. We practiced your teaching with our children. They are all responsible, delightful mother’s of their children. Her children have a blog. http://www.evenachild.wordpress.com

    Bless you. http://www.yourstorymatters2him.wordpress.com

    Your Story Matters

  • Darla Elder

    Raising a well-behaved, respectful child is hard work, but oh so worth it! The thing I found is that if you are consistent in your discipline when they are young, all you have to do is give them “the look” as they get older. With a few exceptions, of course! And, yes, I spanked my sons a few times…don’t think it warped them (you may disagree about Jordan)!

    So proud of you guys & absolutely love the updates on how y’all are doing! Praying for you, as well.

  • Maya

    I dont think anybody……is going to be impressed with your archaic attitude about ‘discipline’ and ‘spanking’.I’m not.

    I think you need to educate yourself in how to communicate IN WORDS what is acceptable or not acceptable to your child.

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