Dusting off the old blog

If you’ve been here before you know that this blog was established as a way to communicate with people through our adoption journey. since then it’s gone pretty silent. some of you were sad. Most of you are probably thinking, “What blog?”

Either way, I’m firing it back up. It’s still personal in nature, but it’s not going to be solely devoted to our own adoption process. My hope now is to communicate with the masses, sure, but specifically to give my thoughts and put resources out there that will spur growth and movement toward, with, and on behalf of Jesus.

I am not deleting any of the previous posts from our adoption journey. This is a good record of them for us and whoever may want to browse through them. Rereading is an incredible reminder for us of God’s faithfulness and where we have come from. The actual thought of deleting those feels a little like deleting a piece of us or our family. Strange I guess, but that time was life-altering for us, and this blog was a big part of it.

I will specifically use this as a place to publish resources and start discussions that will hopefully move us forward at Remedy Church. If you’re not familiar with Remedy, it’s a new church that we are planting in Waxahachie, TX. you can see a little more here.

I’ll also talk about my family, Charity may write from time to time, and this will be more personal than academic in nature, for sure. So for all those interested, jump on the bandwagon, join the discussion, and let’s go.

And of course, as always, thanks for walking this road with us, wherever it may take us.

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