Foundations of missional community Pt 1

If missional community really is at the core of who we are as the church, it’s important that we do it right, are all on the same page, and learn to live it as a lifestyle rather than see it as a weekly gathering.

This is the audio from a session called Foundations of Missional Community at the Exponential church planting conference. The two guys talking are Jeff Vanderstelt and Caesar Kalinowski. The audio is free to download on theExponential podcast, so there’s no bootlegging involved here.

I will post it in 2-3 parts so it’s not too long or too much to process in one sitting. I encourage you to make time to listen to all of it and to think, pray, and talk through it together as we learn what missional community really looks like. You can listen to it in the browser or right click and download it to put it on your ipod or a cd.

Foundations for Missional Community Pt 1

What questions does this bring up? What about this seems hard or even impossible? What about it inspires you? How does it change your thinking about what missional community looks like?


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