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My wife, Charity, and I met in 2002, and were married in May of 2006. I am the church planter/lead pastor of Remedy Church, a new church in Waxahachie, TX. Charity is a hot, awesome mom and photographer. You can see her work at facesbycharity.com. We have two kids, Sam and Juliet.

This blog started as a record of our journey to Kazakhstan to adopt Sam so our friends and family could follow along and walk with us through the roller coaster ride of adopting. Since then we have dropped off considerably in writing, but now it’s fired back up as a venue for my thoughts on pretty much everything. I hope it’s encouraging, real, and inspiring.

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3 responses to “About Me

  • Terri Cruce

    Hi Charity and Aaron,

    My husband Jim and I are getting ready to travel to Karaganda for our first adoption (and first child). We would love to ask you some questions if you have a moment.

    Thank you!

  • Crystal Baldwin Barnett

    Aaron and Charity,

    I feel very behind, I had no idea that you guys were doing all of this. I am so excited for y’all and will be praying that everything goes perfectly! That is going to be a very blessed baby to have you as parents.

    Praying for safe travels,

  • Nicole Hanks

    I tried to find your email address to send you an email to ask you a few questions but I couldnt find it on your blog….I know you are less than a week away from leaving the country, based on your blog, and you are probably SOOO busy with preparing….but if you have a moment I would love to ask you a few questions–my husband and I are also adopting from Kaz.
    Thanks and Good Luck!!

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