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Why Doesn’t God Listen?

I googled "prayer" to find a good pic to go with the post. This one came up. I said "Why not?"

What am I supposed to think when God doesn’t answer my prayers?

This is a question most of us have asked, and I’ve been asking it a lot lately. And the answers I’m looking for aren’t “Keep praying,” “He did answer; he said no,” or “You have to trust God.” I know all of those things. I do keep praying. I do trust God. I believe he’s good and that he wants good for me. My question runs deeper than doubting God. I’m really asking, what am I supposed to do with promises in scripture like “The one who asks will receive” when I ask and I do not receive. What do I do with unanswered prayers?

Maybe we should ask a different question.

In doing some reading about Luke 11, where Jesus is teaching his disciples about prayer and making promises like “The one who asks will receive,” I came across a Spurgeon sermon on Luke 11.11-13. Instead of the question I’ve been asking, he asks this question:

“It may be God will hear, and as a general rule will make replies in mercy. But I am an undeserving one. If the Lord should be incensed at my prayers and answer me in wrath instead of love, I should deserve it. If after having made my confession, He should deal with me, judging me out of my own mouth, and then and there condemn me, what should I say?”

Now that’s a different question altogether, and it’s focus is much more squarely on the one who created prayer and rules over all who pray. And it’s at this point that I find some perspective in my praying and my questioning.  Instead of assuming that God should answer my pleas, maybe I should approach prayer assuming that God is actually God, and he can do whatever he wants. And I should pray with humility.

I still have my questions, and those questions still don’t threaten God, but in adding a question or two to my list, I find perspective that influences my prayers and my view of God. And that is always for my good.


Christmas for Kids

Remedy Church is excited to be part of a project with the Texas Baptist Home in Waxahachie to help provide Christmas gifts for foster kids living in the DFW area. There are two major needs:

1) Gifts for kids. Around 550 gifts are needed for the kids.
2) Wrapping 500 gifts. All of the gifts have to come in unwrapped, and most of them will then need to be wrapped. As you can imagine, it’s a huge job, and it’s the responsibility of the staff unless we help.

Christmas for Kids

Will you join us by sponsoring a child and/or coming to our Christmas party on Dec. 10th at the Home to help wrap gifts? For more information, you can email me at

Dusting off the old blog

If you’ve been here before you know that this blog was established as a way to communicate with people through our adoption journey. since then it’s gone pretty silent. some of you were sad. Most of you are probably thinking, “What blog?”

Either way, I’m firing it back up. It’s still personal in nature, but it’s not going to be solely devoted to our own adoption process. My hope now is to communicate with the masses, sure, but specifically to give my thoughts and put resources out there that will spur growth and movement toward, with, and on behalf of Jesus.

I am not deleting any of the previous posts from our adoption journey. This is a good record of them for us and whoever may want to browse through them. Rereading is an incredible reminder for us of God’s faithfulness and where we have come from. The actual thought of deleting those feels a little like deleting a piece of us or our family. Strange I guess, but that time was life-altering for us, and this blog was a big part of it.

I will specifically use this as a place to publish resources and start discussions that will hopefully move us forward at Remedy Church. If you’re not familiar with Remedy, it’s a new church that we are planting in Waxahachie, TX. you can see a little more here.

I’ll also talk about my family, Charity may write from time to time, and this will be more personal than academic in nature, for sure. So for all those interested, jump on the bandwagon, join the discussion, and let’s go.

And of course, as always, thanks for walking this road with us, wherever it may take us.

Charity is on the web

Nothing too cute or deep to add at this particular second, but I wanted everyone to be aware that Charity has officially arrived on the web. For all who know her, this technology embrace may come as a shock, but well, here she is all the same. Her site is pretty cool, and we are working to make it better. We are still working through some issues to get it all right, so at this point it takes a minute or so to load the full site, but it’s worth the wait. The girl is good behind the lens.

So without any further delay, check her out:

a fun weekend along with another little dose of reality

There’s bad news and good news. Good news first. Yesterday was Victor’s Day, a holiday left over from the Soviet days, but we all know the Kazakhstani people love their holidays. They had a big fair open down at Central Park. It was complete with rides, vendors selling food, shows, cotton candy, horse rides, and all kinds of other things. We don’t do much of anything formally these days like go to work, go the baby house, church, or anything else. We hang out all day every day. So we are usualy looking for things to do.

We went to the carnival yesterday for a while and it was a good time. We ate some popsicles and ice cream, rode the boat across the lake, and let Sam play in the bounce house. We went back again today to see if it was still going on, and it definitely was. Today we did a little more.

We kept a running total of our expenditures, and it’s just ridiculous. First we took a carriage ride, 200 tenge. Next we rode the ferris wheel, 120 tenge. Then little kids swings for Mom and Sam, 60 tenge. Then the big swings for Dad and Sam, 120 tenge. Then two popsicles, 140 tenge. Altogether 640 tenge. Total in US dollars: $4.27. A day outside of your one room apartment on the warmest day yet with your new son on Mother’s Day: of course, priceless.

Now for the bad news. We found out a few days ago that Sam’s documents are taking longer for some reason. We don’t know what all is going on, as usual, but they told us his passport will be ready on May 18th, then up to 10 days to get his visa, then 3 days for registering in the capitol, then 3 days or so in Almaty, then on to the States. That’s way longer than we were told to expect. We aren’t sure why or what we can do about it. We are trying to look into it, but at this point we are just praying. It was a pretty discouraging day when we heard that, and to be honest, we’re still taking it pretty hard.

It’s been good to remember all the good things God has done for us. He has brought us so far and given us Sam. This would be so much worse if this were a problem while Sam was still in the baby house, so for that we are incredibly thankful. We know God is doing good things and we trust him. We really had our minds set on getting home and starting life. The time here without much going on has been so great, and we can see how valuable it has been and continues to be with every new day. But we are all getting a little stir crazy.

Thank you guys for remembering us, and thank you for praying us through all this. We’ll see how things work out and when. We trust that God will take care of the things that were needing our attention back home.

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