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2 things to add

Mom and Sam outside  I know you guys are keeping something from me

At the grocery store close to our house you have to put your bags in a locker before you can go in. We have learned this over time, but today we went in and there were no open lockers so I just stuck my bag in an open slot with no door. A lady I guess was telling me I couldn’t do it. So I asked her what I should do, and she pointed to a keyhole. I said there were no keys, what should we do? And she said something I didn’t understand, so Charity just went in without me and I figured out that all the other people were just standing there waiting for someone with a key to come and get their stuff. Then they would take that locker, like parking spaces during Christmas shopping. So there was this whole group of people waiting to get into the grocery store, just standing there right outside the entrance.

It wasn’t a big deal, and I think I was a little short with the lady, but I was trying hard not to get upset or rude, so I don’t think it was too bad. But I was definitely not patient at all and I think it showed. No harm done from what I could tell, but it was not our best moment either. It just gets hard some days with things being so different. Part of my short-temper is because I still have not bounced back from yesterday. We talked with our coordinator and found out that once court is over, assuming we get approved, Lord willing, we will wait our 2 weeks then possibly another 3-4.

She said it takes that long to do all the things they have to do with paperwork and all that stuff. We’re not sure exactly what that means, but it’s somewhere in the ballpark of an extra 2-4 weeks here, which was really, really discouraging. We felt like we were about half way through, but if that’s true we are still a few weeks from even being half way. We still don’t know what to make of it, and we are praying about it, but we are not sure how to pray.

Learning to hammer...slowly  Sam likes to ride on top of the car

That causes problems in several areas, and we aren’t sure if we just have to deal with it and ask that God would give us grace and work these areas out. Or should we really pray hard for him to do miraculous things and make it go a lot faster and still get us home about when we thought we would? And how will we know either way? I don’t see that we will. I think we will just find out when it happens.

It was really one of those spirit-crushing kind of moments for both of us. I told both my jobs that I would be back in around 2 months, and even while they may be flexible it still causes some problems with what I need to be doing. Money could also be a factor if we wind up here a month longer. We just did not prepare to be here that long. That’s not a major concern at this point, but it is in the back of my mind. There are some faimly things that are semi-pressing at home. Plus we are just ready to be home. We were sort of mentally prepared for 2 months, but much longer than that and it’s sort of a different game mentally. We just weren’t ready for it, and it just makes things harder.

So now we are both really feeling that, and today we are still sort of reeling, I think. It’s been a weird day, and we are both a little sick, so it’s just sort of a difficult time. God is absolutely in control. We don’t doubt that. We know his timing is best. We know he might have plans that we did not. We understand all that and more than anything want to be submissive and respond to it all in faith and live with hope and belief. Practically right now it’s just hard. I definitely felt a little hopeless yesterday, and I felt like I was praying and struggling to respond in faith. I just felt broken.

These kind of moments are usually ultimately good, and I know that and actually look forward to the continued refining that comes from it, but it is still not fun and sort of painful. And it just feels like a bad situation to us. It’s hard to be optimistic. As I process what I am writing, please know that I am just pouring right now. I am not purposefully writing, so this is all raw emotion. I am not as down and out as this all sounds, and we really are still hopeful as an overall tone. No need to send out the hug train to come find us. It’s just a hard few days. We’ll see how things work out. God’s big. He’s good, and he does good things. He is our hope. His love is faithful love. So we’re going to be fine. This is just a sort of punch in the gut.

BUT, there is good news. Our pre-court date is tomorrow morning (10am Thursday our time). So that is a step in the right direction. We are a little nervous, but we have heard this is little more than meeting the judge and setting a court date. We are not sure how long it will last, but we have to dress up and all that. Pray that he will already love us. I think the other people we knew from got a court date a few days after pre-court, so maybe that means like Monday or something. We’ll see. That is all speculation, and it seems like you never know what will happen. 

Keep praying for a quick court date. Pray that these other time esitamtes will be shortened like crazy. Pray for very much acceptance and favor with the judge. Pray that the one weird situation will not even be an issue tomorrow or when we make it to court. Pray for a “yes.” Pray for peace in our minds. Pray for an appropriate level of faith and perseverance.

Thank you. We need the company on the walk. We always read every comment.


a certain prayer concern…and of course more photos

Today we are heading to our 10th day of bonding with Sam. It has gone so fast, but we do know that we still have a pretty good way to go still. We have 5 more days of bonding and then we go to court, and if we get a “yes” then we have 15 more days for the waiting period. So we are still looking at a minimum of 20 days before we might get to bring Sam home to our apartment, and we are enjoying our time, but also hoping that those days go really fast.

We talked with our coordinators the other day about some court stuff, and we found out something that is a little troubling to us. It is not something we want to post here, and it’s not devestating. It is just something that might come up in court that could potentially be a problem for us. We have talked with other families, and it seems like court will be fairly low-key. We just have this lingering question about this one issue more than most. It has to do with our answer to a certain question that might come up. We want to be honest in everything we say, and we want them to hear our hearts and be moved by that to approve us. the whole thing sort of feels like a Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego moment.

Please pray for wisdom in how to answer if this question does come up. Also please pray that we would be able to rest in God’s peace in our situation and not dwell on the possibility all the way until we get to court. Also pray that God would soften the judge’s heart and anyone else we have to answer to and that our case and anyone associated with it would have favor. Pray for very clear and specific translation. We are really praying that this would not even be an issue. If the question even comes up at all that our answer would suffice and the judge would accept it.

As always, we really need your prayers and have felt them when you pray them. We have had the strength, wisdom, and peace when we have needed it, and God has done great things for us! We are still learning and being refined by a lo of the same things, and we love your prayers in the midst of it. Thank you for walking this road with us. We love you.

And as a reward, here are some new pics of the boy.

a few things of note

Finally some pictures to go with all the words. Sorry to let you down, but you don’t get to see the cute one or the pretty one. Suckers.

Where are the pictures of Sam?! I know. They are coming, just be patient. Things can be pretty volatile, and this is a huge change for us, so we want to keep a level head in how we go forward and how everyone around us responds to everything. I know that once pictures and video get out there, things can start spinning pretty fast, so we just want to be deliberate and thoughtful in how we post information, knowing that once it’s out there, there ain’t no getting it back.

I wanted to comment on some things we’ve seen so far.
1) This boy has music in his soul. When pretty much any music comes on (ipod, phone ringing, toys, singing, humming, whatever) he starts bobbing his head side to side and if he goes at it very long the bobbing turns into the “Stevie Wonder.” If yo uon’t know what that looks like, you need to find out so you can maybe start to picture this and also because you are missing out on some great music. Sam will close his eyes just like Stevie and sort of sway his head back and forth. We think prt of it is a soothing thing, but I am telling you, the boy has music in his soul.

Yesterday we put on some Norah Jones just to have some peaceful, relaxing time before we left the baby house. He loved it. We hid the ipod so he wouldn’t want to get it, but he heard the music and searched it out. Then he held the ipod and listned to Norah for almost an hour without trying to do anything else or play with anything else. He even got a little upset between songs. The boy is music genius waiting to happen. Yesterday when we got to the baby house he was playing and singing James Taylor on guitar. Crazy!

2) He loves balls. He likes to roll them, throw them, hold them, give them back and forth to us, and anything else. He loves balloons, too, I thikn mostly because they are like balls. We are going to break out the beachballs soon.

3) He has already changed a lot in four days. It is crazy how much love and attention can make a difference. We haven’t known him long enough to know how much or what all has changed, but he is doing new things and opening up more ever single day. The first day he only smiled a few times, but now he is smiling a lot. He comes to us when we see him. He is trying to walk. Today, for the first time, he let Charity hold him and he just closed his eyes and laid in her arms for abour 10-15 minutes. It was sweet and until now he wouldn’t do it. Even the other families who were there before us are saying that they can see him changing already. What an exciting time!

That’s enough for now. Enjoy. If you know or see one of his grandparents give them a hug. I know they are dying not being able to see or touch him. Thank you so much for walking with us in our journey to become Sam’s parents. For now we are justing visiting him. No court stuff or other junk has come up yet. We’ll keep the blogosphere updated on those things, too.

Much love and very full, still processing, hearts.

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