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specific answers to specific questions

One more step is behind us. We got a call about 1:15 Thursday afternoon saying that we had a meeting with the department of education at 2:50. So we had less than an hour notice before we had to leave. It was a crazy rush of nerves, excitement, anxiety, and relief. One of our specific prayers was for a quick date for this meeting, and it was answered specifically. We got the meeting the day after our bonding ended, so it couldn’t have been much quicker than that.

The meeting went well. We actually got several questions about stuff like our finances, our jobs, and Sam. It was pretty intimidating. The ladies didn’t let on much in the way they looked at and talked to us, but by the end of the interview they had lightened up. One of the ladies asked us a few questions, but then started talking about how she had seen us at the baby house with Sam and that we were a good family and good parents. She was smiling, and kept saying that things were “harasho,” good in Russian.

That was crazy to us. We saw the lady for seriously about 2 minutes one day, yet we had such good favor with her. This was one other very specific thing we had been praying for. We asked you guys to pray that we would have favor with these people, not just that they would listen and let us by, but that we would have favor in their eyes, and this lady definitely thought very highly of us. It was a very cool thing to sit there and see God’s answer to a very specific prayer.

We also asked for prayer about some pressure that we were under to do some things that we did not want to do pertaining to our interviews in a few places. This was one of those places. We didn’t do what we were being pressured to do, something that would be wrong, and the issue never even came up. Not even a passing mention of it. So great!

As the interview went on and the issue never came up, we just felt relief and such a sense of excitement that God was directing even the steps of those who do not know him. I am really thinking Malachi 1:5 – “Your own eyes will see this, and you yourselves will say: The Lord is great, even beyond the borders of Israel.” The earth and everything in it are the Lord’s because he made them. He directs each person and event as he wants. Whether they claim to be his or not, everyone and everything moves in response to him.

So that’s our news for today, even though it happened on Thursday. God is good, and he is faithful. We still have a few major things in front of us, but this was one big step, and we feel a definite sense of relief. Please pray for a quick court date and for favor with the judge like we have favor with this lady in the dept. of education.


overwhelmed by the masses (and all kinds of goodies)

Today was our 11th day of bonding, and it is flying by. That is definitely an answer to prayer. We are enjoying the time, but we also want to see this whole process completed soon, so the faster some days go, the better. But we also want to enjoy it. Sam is also eating really well. We asked people to pray about that a few days ago, and since then he really has been eating well. I think mom and dad are figuring out that he is used to eating his whole meal in about 5 minutes, so we are having to learn to speed up some in our feeding routine, but he has been doing a lot better. We’re proud of him and thankful to you who prayed. Keep it up.

We also want to ask a simple question: where is the love? Does no one care about us anymore? We only had 743 people read the blog yesterday. Did we do something to upset you? Seriously, this junk is crazy. We actually did have 743 readers yesterday, and our all time high was on March 17th. 1,259 people checked us out. What the heck is that?!

I guess I should just be frank and say that 1,259 people checked Sam out. But when we see those numbers we are stunned and ask each other who all these people are. I don’t even think the two of us combined even know that many people. And we see how it is, too. Everbody loves Sam. Before we had Sam we had had like 10 hits on our site since its creation back in the 80’s. Now everybody is interested. Am I not cute, too?

If you were one of the 1,259 on March 17th, congratulations and thank you for playing. And really, all those numbers do is humble us. It is amazing and literally overwhelming to see how many people care about us and our boy. We have been blessed to be loved and carried by so many exceptional people. We can really feel you praying, and we have seen the results firsthand in the last two weeks for sure. We wish you could be here to see it for yourselves. It is faith-building to see God do things in response to our asking. You guys are helping to refine and deepen our faith and our dependence on the Lord, and you are participating in the ransoming of Sam. We are grateful for the part you have played. And we are humbled that you would walk with us for all this time.

So in response to the outpouring of support and the love fest we are unveiling the first ever Thoughts from the Journey poll. I am not making any promises that we will go with your decision, but we still want to know what you think. So this is your chance to participate even more. We welcome your comments, too.

And there’s also a video up for your viewing pleasure on our youtube page. It’s just raw video, and it’s funny.

And as always, thank you for walking so long with us.

news of a good kind

1) We have the most awesome blog readers! We are very encouraged at your comments, even when they are repetitive. Keep them coming.

2) God has answered. Thank you for praying. We are still looking for an apartment, so keep praying for that. They are looking as we speak. High speed internet, God. You can do it. for your name’s sake.

We have had peace amid some craziness. The 11th was a pretty crazy day with some anguish, a little soul searching, and a lot of tears and conversation. Faith and dependencey has been the theme of these days. It hasn’t been easy or clear all the time, but he’s been good to us.

We have been matched. We are going to hold back the details for now because things are volatile and this is a big change for us, the little guy (yes, I said guy), and our families. But details will be coming soon.

After long deliberation and prayer and discussion and stuggle we have been matched with little Sam (that’s what we aer going to call him). He is a funny guy, and really cute. He is a little small for his age, which is 20 months, but that was not unexpected being in an orphanage and all. We got to start our bonding today, and we will be ablet o go back again this afternoon for a little more time.

It is all very surreal. We are both sort of amazed that we are becoming parents at all. Someone might have really blown that one, but it’s too late now. We’re here. It is also crazy how we are becoming parents. One minute we were talking and hanging out with doctors and our coordinators. 3 minutes later we were sitting in a room all alone wth our new little boy, no questions asked. What the crap is going on?!

We don’t have a lot of time right now. Hopefully we will be able to sit down and type out the whole story pretty soon, and it is a crazy one. All this stuff depends on our internet access. We have been coming to this one internet cafe everyday so far, but that doesn’t allow for skype or anything like that, so pray for high speed in our apartment.

Check out our video of the trip over:

click on my videos. It’s the highlight video.

We love you guys. Thank you for walking with us and praying. You are keeping us going.

Aaron and Charity

it’s go time

Today is the big day. Hopefully not the biggest day to come, but it’s one big one in a series of escalating big ones.

We leave at 4:20pm today. If you are a pray-er here are a few things to pray:

1) Good connections. We want to make our flights and get to our city on time so nothing gets delayed even one day.
2) Logistics. There are several things like meting up with the right people, housing, times, and stuff that are still sort of fuzzy. There is a plan, but it’s with people we don’t know, so we want to get there and get it all figured out.
3) Meeting with the department of education. Our first day we have a meeting with this office about the kids available, where we will wind up, what baby home, etc. Please pray that this goes smoothly, that they are straightforward, clear,  and honest with us, and that we get matched quickly with the exact right child.
4) Gospel radiance. We want Jesus and his gospel to be all over this. We want to act in a way that is a witness and a ministry to other people. This whole thing is not about us, so we want to serve people and serve the gospel through it.
5) Pray for our baby. We don’t know him/her yet, but they are already very precious and loved. A lot is about to change for them, and they will need peace and comfort. Please ask father to be that.

Thank you for walking with us. This is when it all gets crazy. We will be updating here often as long as internet allows. Thank you for praying.

news of a different kind

This is not our child! I want to be very clear before we move on any farther. This is not our child! This cool guy belongs to some friends of ours. I have actually posted these pictures without their expressed written consent, so hopefully they will not disown us as friends. Guys, if you’re mad, sorry. I will remove the offensive images as soon as possible.

We do have some news, and to go along with it I wanted you to see a real live child who is in the same situation ours is and will be in. Parents, thank you in advance for allowing this. He’s a cool guy and a good looking kid. We hope to be so lucky.


We received a phone call a little over a week ago with some great news. There is a lot to say, but to sum it all up we basically found out that our letter of invitation to travel was in DC. The letter is required to get an entry visa, and we thought it would be a few weeks before it came, but it showed up.

Then we got a call a few days ago saying that we need to get our visas by March 3rd and that we would be traveling sometime soon. The best estimate we have right now is that we will travel around the second week of March. We will be in country for somewhere around 2 months, which puts us back here with our new baby around mid-May if things go well. So we just have a few weeks to get some things set up at the house, stock up on some last minute or forgotten baby things, and figure out how things will function while we are gone. Oh, how we will be missed, I am sure.

Today as I type this the current temperature where we are going is -11 F. The high for today was -9. Not good. We’ll have more news soon, but please keep praying for our process. Thank you so much for hanging with us. We’re not there yet, but we’re closer than we’ve ever been.

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