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Sam’s first wipeout, a day-trip to Astana, and of course, pictures


Hello faithful. I say that because anyone who was mildly committed to the blog probably disappeared during its mysterious silence. Sorry we have been so quiet. Some questionable internet mixed with busy days are our only two decent excuses. Things have been good, though.

On Saturday we went to Astana, the capitol of Kstan, for Aaron’s birthday. We started talking about possibly doing that and how it would be nice if we had a person there to help us find our way around the city. Right about the same time an American who is a friend of a friend emailed and said that he wanted to check in on us and invited us to come to Astana sometime if we wanted to see it and get away for a day or so. So we said how abot this weekend? He and a friend of his met us at the bus station and spent the whole day showing us around Astana, taking us to eat some excellent Chinese food, treating us to Baskin Robbins, and basically making our week. We really enjoyed ourselves.

The weird part about it was that we had no idea how much we needed it until we got it. We thought we were doing just fine here in our own city, doing our own thing with the little guy. But getting to spend the day with two native English speakers who are like-minded, just talking, showing pictures, listening, it was such a refreshing time for us. We didn’t realize we missed or needed it so much, but we could tell a huge difference when we got back that night. We just didn’t realize how little we were getting that kind of time and community, and it made a big difference to us and our whole process. And it was amazing how fast we clicked with them. The body of Christ is an incredible thing. You realize your need for it and the value of it even more when you are removed from it for so long. Thank you S and S.

Charity made a little photo scavenger hunt for me to do while we were in Astana, too, so it was part of the fun. 


Sam is doing really well. He has started to utter a few more words. The funniest is bye-bye. He waves pretty regularly now and he sort of mouths and barely whispers the words, but one time he said it very loud and clear, “Bye-Bye!” We had our first spill the other day, too. And by spill I don’t mean juice. I mean Sam ate bench. We were trying to get a picture of him so we backed away for a second, and that happened to be the second he decided he wanted off the bench. He scooted forward and slid off head first into the bench across from him. Here’s how it went down:

1. Mom sets Sam down
2. Dad takes picture
3. Scoot
4. Scoot
5. Whammy Ka Blammy!
6. Silence, face in anguish
7. Still silence, this ain’t good.
8. Uncontrollable screaming!
9. Blood everywhere
10. Mom passes out
11. Dad takes off running 

(Just kdding about the last two) It was not a good parenting moment, but once we got the bleeding stopped, Sam semi-cleaned up and calmed down, and our stress levels down to “relatively high” from my “head might explode” it turned out to be a very good bonding moment. Sam learned to lean on his mom a little, and mom and dad got to hurt with him, not the first time or the last, we’re sure. Since it was such a good moment we are going to do it again tomorrow. It’s all about attachment at this point, right.

Thanks for keeping yourselves updated. Right now we have done all we can and are praying that our case would move fast through the rest of the steps. We have to get Sam’s birth certificate, passport, and US visa, and the timing on all of it just depends on work schedules, how motivated people are, holidays, etc. So please pray that the Lord would move our things through and finish this whole thing quickly.

I have been reading and thinking on Lamentations 3:19-27, and it’s very rich and reassuring right now. We want to be people who wait quietly, patiently, with hope, on the Lord. He really has been sustaining us and renewing us with his mercies every morning. Because of his faithful love we have not perished, and our spirits have not perished. 

Thank you for walking with us. We love you guys more than you know.


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