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New video camera

Hey people, more video to come after an unfortunate lapse. We went to the beach a few weeks ago and dipped our video camera in the Gulf of Mexico. We just thought it would be fun and that our camera could use a nice, cool refreshing dip in the dirty ocean. I hope he did because that was the last water he will ever experience. That’s usually how it goes with electronics and sad/water.

Sam is doing well, though. He is starting to clearly say a few words like bye-bye, yes, and dada. He says lots of words, but they’re all a little fuzzy. You can make them out, but have to listen closely, but these few are becoming very clear and “big boy.”

He has not been doing so hot in the nursery. He did ok at first, but now he screams and cries when we leave him. It’s sweet, and we sort of love it, but we feel like terrible parents when we walk away. It’s always pretty hard.

When I left him yesterday he cried so I knelt down and talked to him and he just turned around to face the room and backed into me so he was leaning on me with his hands on my legs. He seemed like he felt so safe and comfortable. We really want to see him get more comfortable, but we have to admit selfishly that we love him treating us like this.

So anyway, more to come, as promised, this time for real. Hopefully video soon and definitely some pics. Thanks for following and walking with us.


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