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on your mark, get set…”you didn’t bring your passports?” (and we got a court date!)

Well there is good news. We got a court date. We are going to make you sweat it out, but it’s an exciting time! Here’s how it happened.

We had pre-court on thursday at 10am. We arrived at 9:25 and waiting until about 10:05 while people came and went. Our coordinator showed up with Sam’s doctor, who is a really sweet lady, and she loves us. Finally we got called in, so we went up to the third floor into an office. Dang it, wrong floor. Everyone laughs, and our coordinator leads us up another floor where we enter the judge’s office. We went in and sat down.

The judge asks for our translator’s papers. Then he asks for our lawyer’s papers. Then he asks for our passports, which we did not have. “What? You don’t have your passports?” He didn’t want to go on with the hearing without them, which is understandable, so he said to come back at the same time on Friday. It was very disappointing, and we were worried about how it might make us look or that it would delay us. No one told us to bring our passports, and we even asked someone who said no. 

So we did the whole put on a suit and tie and pantyhose thing again (collectively speaking, so don’t get crazy. Rude.) We went back and did it all over again. We actually got in at 9:45 this time and were out of there by 10am. We did the whole deal, he asked everyone some basic questions like “what is your favorite number?” and “if you were a hotdog, would you eat yourself?” Then we set the date and left, excited to be past one step, a little nervous about the next one. But this was a good day.

While we were waiting, Sam’s doctor told us that while we weren’t at the baby house yesterday because we went to pre-court Sam was walking or crawling around wondering where we were. It’s sad, but sweet. We should also report that he called Charity mama yesterday for the first time. He was reaching for her when he said it, so we are pretty sure it was legit. He is also walking a lot on his own now and does it with a little more balance and grace. It’s exciting to see him making steps up the developmental ladder while we are with him. He is a cool kid.

Thank you guys for praying. Please pray like crazy for us as we approach our court date. Here are a few specifics:

1) favor with the judge
2) that some of the issues we have heard about will either not come up or be minor things that get by wth a simple, straightforward answer
3) approval
4) peace in our hearts and minds as we prepare
5) for the Lord’s power and grace to be seen in these steps

Thank you so much for being there with us for every step. We have felt the prayers and encouragement over the last few days. This journey is not just ours, it belongs to so many other people. Thank you for walking it with us.

PS – the court date is this Monday, April  13 at 3pm (You didn’t think we were really going to keep that from you, right?)


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