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that sucker does everything I do

One of the joys of being a dad is getting to laugh at all the crazy things the boy does. He imitates most things I do, especially sitting at the dinner table. He makes the noises I make, moves his head the way I do, and does the things I do. It reminds me of myself with my dad, and a lot of the things I do now are exactly like my dad, even down t the way I stand and how I fold my arms when I relax.

We noticed the other day that he was imitating me as I was talking to Charity. We weren’t even aware of it for a while. This is life for me now. The boy does what I do, for better or for worse, even when I don’t notice it. He sees everything I do. When he sees me mess with his mom, he messes with her. When I pound the table, so does he.

This has become a huge responsibility for us. As he grows and sees me treat his mom a certain way, he will learn to do the same. He will take his cues in how to respond to the Lord in how he sees me respond to the Lord. I am discipling him in a certain way by everything I do, we both are. Even when I get angry and do things I wish he had missed, he sees those moments, too. Those become moments of weakness and transparency that turn into teaching moments as mom or dad apologizes to Sam or tells him that we should not have done what we did. We are helping him see that we do not expect him to be perfect or to put on the appearance that he is, but that humility, confession, and taking responsibility are important.

What a privilege it is to reflect the glory of Jesus in the way we act, and sometimes even to reflect the glory of Jesus as it stands in contrast to how I act. I hope Sam learns to treasure it and be a strong man who uses his life to point to it.

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