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the resurrection of hope

These are some pics from our recent trip to SE Asia. There isn’t a lot of relevance to the rest of the post, but they are cool pictures, everyone likes pictures, and Chairty is a good photographer. So enjoy. There is some news and postage under them.

Palaung Girls

Shiny Streets in Shanghai

We are in a struggle right now. We have heard some news recently from the lady who is working on our behalf, but it turned out not to be exactly what she said it was, which we think is really just a communication barrier because of a language barrier. So we are praying and working toward clarity in this specific situation and as we move forward.

What is exciting, though, is that we did get some news. And even though it turned out not to be what we thought it was, it was something, we just aren’t quite sure what yet. But the feeling we got when we received the news was a very good one. It was this feeling of hope and anticipation. I really don’t want to spiritualize everything, but well, here we go.

Back before christmas I did a sermon on the anticipation and expectation that surrounded the birth of Christ. While many people didn’t then and still don’t accept his birth as the true savior of the world, for many others it was a really exciting time. Leading up to his birth there was a period of several hundred years of silence, and then all of a sudden angels start appearing to people, prophecies start coming, and there starts to be movement. And while the promises were still not immediately at hand, for the first time in a long time there was movement. And you can see the energy and momentum start to build as the movement happens. It all leads up to the birth of Jesus, the one who came to save his people from their sins. It was a reminder, and in some ways a resurrection, of hope.

That is how we felt and sort of still feel right now with this seudo-news. We feel like after a period of silence we are now starting to see some movement. The process may not really be picking up again yet, and it may be more time before we see or hear anything again, but this movement sort of reminded us of hope, and it was an exciting day. Word from a distant land was like cold water to our dry souls.

Thank you for praying. Please ask God to give us clarity as we try to decode what our lady is saying to us. We don’t think she is outright lying to us, but things tend to not be exactly the way they come across, so both sides need clarity in how we communicate. Ask God to give us that and discernment. And enjoy the pictures. I wish we had some that went along with our post, but other than taking pictures of excited and frowny faces, I’m not sure what we can do. Enjoy.

Thank you for walking with us.


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