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a few things of note

Finally some pictures to go with all the words. Sorry to let you down, but you don’t get to see the cute one or the pretty one. Suckers.

Where are the pictures of Sam?! I know. They are coming, just be patient. Things can be pretty volatile, and this is a huge change for us, so we want to keep a level head in how we go forward and how everyone around us responds to everything. I know that once pictures and video get out there, things can start spinning pretty fast, so we just want to be deliberate and thoughtful in how we post information, knowing that once it’s out there, there ain’t no getting it back.

I wanted to comment on some things we’ve seen so far.
1) This boy has music in his soul. When pretty much any music comes on (ipod, phone ringing, toys, singing, humming, whatever) he starts bobbing his head side to side and if he goes at it very long the bobbing turns into the “Stevie Wonder.” If yo uon’t know what that looks like, you need to find out so you can maybe start to picture this and also because you are missing out on some great music. Sam will close his eyes just like Stevie and sort of sway his head back and forth. We think prt of it is a soothing thing, but I am telling you, the boy has music in his soul.

Yesterday we put on some Norah Jones just to have some peaceful, relaxing time before we left the baby house. He loved it. We hid the ipod so he wouldn’t want to get it, but he heard the music and searched it out. Then he held the ipod and listned to Norah for almost an hour without trying to do anything else or play with anything else. He even got a little upset between songs. The boy is music genius waiting to happen. Yesterday when we got to the baby house he was playing and singing James Taylor on guitar. Crazy!

2) He loves balls. He likes to roll them, throw them, hold them, give them back and forth to us, and anything else. He loves balloons, too, I thikn mostly because they are like balls. We are going to break out the beachballs soon.

3) He has already changed a lot in four days. It is crazy how much love and attention can make a difference. We haven’t known him long enough to know how much or what all has changed, but he is doing new things and opening up more ever single day. The first day he only smiled a few times, but now he is smiling a lot. He comes to us when we see him. He is trying to walk. Today, for the first time, he let Charity hold him and he just closed his eyes and laid in her arms for abour 10-15 minutes. It was sweet and until now he wouldn’t do it. Even the other families who were there before us are saying that they can see him changing already. What an exciting time!

That’s enough for now. Enjoy. If you know or see one of his grandparents give them a hug. I know they are dying not being able to see or touch him. Thank you so much for walking with us in our journey to become Sam’s parents. For now we are justing visiting him. No court stuff or other junk has come up yet. We’ll keep the blogosphere updated on those things, too.

Much love and very full, still processing, hearts.


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