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thoughts on specific answers to specific questions

Today is a lot of rain. Everyday these days is a lot of rain. It’s one of those meditative kinds of days, as most rainy days are. I’ve been thinking about Kazakhstan today. It’s such a weird thing that we have days where we sort of long for a place that we were so anxious to leave. God has put so much into our hearts that came from Kazakhstan that we are forever linked to that place.

I remembered certain rooms and certain days. I remembered the snowy and rainy days. I remembered the warmth of the ever-burning furnace and the people, people that we now miss.

As I was thinking about this a good friend of mine that I don’t get to spend enough time with anymore, Ragan, sent me an email with an attachment of a song that he has been singing recently. He wrote it in response to a blog post that we made while we were in Kazakhstan where we referenced Malachi 1:5. The song is called Everything Moves and comes from the idea that everything moves in response to the One who created it, whether that thing knows its source of movement or not.

Hearing it and thinking about it made me go back to read that blog post, and it was a good trip down the lane of memories. You can see the post here:


I remember that situation and those days so vividly, like they just happened a few weeks ago. I can remember being overwhelmed at who God is and what he was doing right in front of our faces. We were actually seeing God answer prayers right there as we sat in an office. Charity and I were talking yesterday about suffering and how God always seems to teach us more in those times than in the easy times. And we definitely had some of both in Kstan, but God was teaching us so much in those dark, trying days. He was refining us, making us his and into who he wanted us to be. He was shaping us in those days.

And he is still shaping us. How quickly we have lost sight of the fact that everything moves in response to the Lord. EVERYTHING. Whether they know him or not, whether they willingly submit to him or not, whether they cherish him or not – everything moves in response to him. The Lord truly is great beyond the borders of Israel, beyond the “borders” of his church or his people. His power is over everything in creation, and everything takes its lead from him.

What a good reminder that is. It is good to be reminded of the faithfulness of the Lord and his power. It is good to be reminded of how small I am and how intimately involved God is in the intricate details of every life. We struggle sometimes these days in what God might be doing in Sam, how he is answering our prayers. This serves as a good reminder that everything moves in response to Him.

Now, here’s Sam:


specific answers to specific questions

One more step is behind us. We got a call about 1:15 Thursday afternoon saying that we had a meeting with the department of education at 2:50. So we had less than an hour notice before we had to leave. It was a crazy rush of nerves, excitement, anxiety, and relief. One of our specific prayers was for a quick date for this meeting, and it was answered specifically. We got the meeting the day after our bonding ended, so it couldn’t have been much quicker than that.

The meeting went well. We actually got several questions about stuff like our finances, our jobs, and Sam. It was pretty intimidating. The ladies didn’t let on much in the way they looked at and talked to us, but by the end of the interview they had lightened up. One of the ladies asked us a few questions, but then started talking about how she had seen us at the baby house with Sam and that we were a good family and good parents. She was smiling, and kept saying that things were “harasho,” good in Russian.

That was crazy to us. We saw the lady for seriously about 2 minutes one day, yet we had such good favor with her. This was one other very specific thing we had been praying for. We asked you guys to pray that we would have favor with these people, not just that they would listen and let us by, but that we would have favor in their eyes, and this lady definitely thought very highly of us. It was a very cool thing to sit there and see God’s answer to a very specific prayer.

We also asked for prayer about some pressure that we were under to do some things that we did not want to do pertaining to our interviews in a few places. This was one of those places. We didn’t do what we were being pressured to do, something that would be wrong, and the issue never even came up. Not even a passing mention of it. So great!

As the interview went on and the issue never came up, we just felt relief and such a sense of excitement that God was directing even the steps of those who do not know him. I am really thinking Malachi 1:5 – “Your own eyes will see this, and you yourselves will say: The Lord is great, even beyond the borders of Israel.” The earth and everything in it are the Lord’s because he made them. He directs each person and event as he wants. Whether they claim to be his or not, everyone and everything moves in response to him.

So that’s our news for today, even though it happened on Thursday. God is good, and he is faithful. We still have a few major things in front of us, but this was one big step, and we feel a definite sense of relief. Please pray for a quick court date and for favor with the judge like we have favor with this lady in the dept. of education.

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