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What if we’re wrong about the harvest?

A little while back I was at a great church planting seminar, and right in the middle of his session the alarm on the speaker’s phone goes off. Amateur. It was an iPhone with the motorcycle sound, so it was really loud and annoying, and I assumed he would quickly turn it off and apologize to the group. Why is this guy so unprepared? Instead, he grabs it and asks us to… pray. What?

He went on to share that everyday at 10:02am he and many others all over the world stop and ask God to send workers out into the harvest. The strange time of day comes from Luke 10:2, where Jesus tells his own people to do this. This guy had intentionally left his alarm on and allowed it to sound, because it was an opportunity to pray together. Clever.

A closer look at Luke 10:2 is revealing, both of God’s work and of my own heart. It says, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

I tend to be convinced that the harvest is small and difficult. And of course we’ve seen that be true at times, so experience speaks to that in some ways. But unless Jesus is lying or crazy, the harvest is plentiful and the lack of workers to bring it in is the problem. And in response to this problem, we are told to ask the Lord, who makes things grow and who is in control of the harvest, to send out more workers to bring it in.

And I ask myself: If I am honest with my own heart, do I doubt God’s willingness or even his power to bring in the harvest? Dagger. The answer to this question says absolutely nothing about God, but it says everything about the condition of my own fickle heart.

Or am I expectantly looking for the harvest and earnestly asking the Lord to send workers to help bring it in?

1) What does your own heart believe?
2) Will you pray regularly and ask God to send workers into his harvest?


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