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Zoo…and Sam is growing up

This week we got out for an adventure at the zoo with some local friends who were very good to us. We weren’t quite sure what animals to expect, and they did have chickens, rabbits, foxes, horses, donkeys. But they also had bears, lions, pumas, tigers, and a hippo. It was pretty cool and made for a good day out for the family. We get pretty cooped up, so that was a good day.

Sam even shared a banana with a hippo. Charity was giving Sam a snack as we walked away form the hippo when he started out of the water and slowly right toward us. You can get pretty close to most of the animals, so he came right up to us and opened his mouth wide. We looked at each other, and Charity threw in a piece of banana. Turns out that was exactly what he wanted. He did it again and then again and he knew as soon as he got that little piece of banana in his huge mouth every time. Crazy sucker!

Sam has also semi learned to drink and feed himself. He can get some pretty good bites when there is something pretty sticky in his bowl. Once we were talking and just looked over and he was holding up his glass taking a drink all by himself. We were surprised and just laughed at how the little dude keeps surprising us. He is growing and changing so fast already.

We have been reading and telling Sam the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and how big of a deal it was that they would not bow to any god other than the real God. At the end of the story we asked Sam if he would bow and he shook his head no while mom yelled, “no!” That’s our thing with him now. We posted a video for our college students on our youtube page youtube.com/igoac called Hillcrest Video May 17. You can see Sam saying “no, he will not bow” in it. It’s about 5:20 long and shows a little bit of what we do during the day here, which ain’t much.

And here’s a bonus today for anyone who wants to see the journey in video form. We have been poasting videos of Sam since day one for grandparents, doctors, and such that we are no longer keeping a secret. The page is youtube.com/kazbaby09 and has about 45 videos of Sam from the first day we spent with him until now. If you are into that, enjoy.

The biggest prayer requests we have right now are for Sam’s passport to some on Monday and for his visa to be approved by Friday. The passport is supposed to be here on Monday, but you never know. And the visa could take up to 10 business days, but we are praying that it will be this week so we can get moving. Once those two things happen we will be able to start making some tentative plans to head back toward home. We would also appreciate prayer for our continued perseverance and patience. We are doing well, but days get long here without much to do. We have really seen the blessing of this amount of time together before returning to the craziness that will be the summer, but we are getting a little stir crazy. So we are praying for speed in the process, but also grace, perseveranc, and patience in the waiting.

Thank you for loving us and walking with us. We love you guys.


2 things to add

Mom and Sam outside  I know you guys are keeping something from me

At the grocery store close to our house you have to put your bags in a locker before you can go in. We have learned this over time, but today we went in and there were no open lockers so I just stuck my bag in an open slot with no door. A lady I guess was telling me I couldn’t do it. So I asked her what I should do, and she pointed to a keyhole. I said there were no keys, what should we do? And she said something I didn’t understand, so Charity just went in without me and I figured out that all the other people were just standing there waiting for someone with a key to come and get their stuff. Then they would take that locker, like parking spaces during Christmas shopping. So there was this whole group of people waiting to get into the grocery store, just standing there right outside the entrance.

It wasn’t a big deal, and I think I was a little short with the lady, but I was trying hard not to get upset or rude, so I don’t think it was too bad. But I was definitely not patient at all and I think it showed. No harm done from what I could tell, but it was not our best moment either. It just gets hard some days with things being so different. Part of my short-temper is because I still have not bounced back from yesterday. We talked with our coordinator and found out that once court is over, assuming we get approved, Lord willing, we will wait our 2 weeks then possibly another 3-4.

She said it takes that long to do all the things they have to do with paperwork and all that stuff. We’re not sure exactly what that means, but it’s somewhere in the ballpark of an extra 2-4 weeks here, which was really, really discouraging. We felt like we were about half way through, but if that’s true we are still a few weeks from even being half way. We still don’t know what to make of it, and we are praying about it, but we are not sure how to pray.

Learning to hammer...slowly  Sam likes to ride on top of the car

That causes problems in several areas, and we aren’t sure if we just have to deal with it and ask that God would give us grace and work these areas out. Or should we really pray hard for him to do miraculous things and make it go a lot faster and still get us home about when we thought we would? And how will we know either way? I don’t see that we will. I think we will just find out when it happens.

It was really one of those spirit-crushing kind of moments for both of us. I told both my jobs that I would be back in around 2 months, and even while they may be flexible it still causes some problems with what I need to be doing. Money could also be a factor if we wind up here a month longer. We just did not prepare to be here that long. That’s not a major concern at this point, but it is in the back of my mind. There are some faimly things that are semi-pressing at home. Plus we are just ready to be home. We were sort of mentally prepared for 2 months, but much longer than that and it’s sort of a different game mentally. We just weren’t ready for it, and it just makes things harder.

So now we are both really feeling that, and today we are still sort of reeling, I think. It’s been a weird day, and we are both a little sick, so it’s just sort of a difficult time. God is absolutely in control. We don’t doubt that. We know his timing is best. We know he might have plans that we did not. We understand all that and more than anything want to be submissive and respond to it all in faith and live with hope and belief. Practically right now it’s just hard. I definitely felt a little hopeless yesterday, and I felt like I was praying and struggling to respond in faith. I just felt broken.

These kind of moments are usually ultimately good, and I know that and actually look forward to the continued refining that comes from it, but it is still not fun and sort of painful. And it just feels like a bad situation to us. It’s hard to be optimistic. As I process what I am writing, please know that I am just pouring right now. I am not purposefully writing, so this is all raw emotion. I am not as down and out as this all sounds, and we really are still hopeful as an overall tone. No need to send out the hug train to come find us. It’s just a hard few days. We’ll see how things work out. God’s big. He’s good, and he does good things. He is our hope. His love is faithful love. So we’re going to be fine. This is just a sort of punch in the gut.

BUT, there is good news. Our pre-court date is tomorrow morning (10am Thursday our time). So that is a step in the right direction. We are a little nervous, but we have heard this is little more than meeting the judge and setting a court date. We are not sure how long it will last, but we have to dress up and all that. Pray that he will already love us. I think the other people we knew from got a court date a few days after pre-court, so maybe that means like Monday or something. We’ll see. That is all speculation, and it seems like you never know what will happen. 

Keep praying for a quick court date. Pray that these other time esitamtes will be shortened like crazy. Pray for very much acceptance and favor with the judge. Pray that the one weird situation will not even be an issue tomorrow or when we make it to court. Pray for a “yes.” Pray for peace in our minds. Pray for an appropriate level of faith and perseverance.

Thank you. We need the company on the walk. We always read every comment.

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