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Some video

1) Aaron recently got a Mac. Thank you to those responsible.
2) We recently dipped our video camera in the ocean.

So we have been trying to find a good video camera that we like. We have bought and returned two so far, so we are on our third camera in about a week and a half. We can’t test most of them in the store, so we just have to buy them. Since we are not satisfied we return the merchandise and demand a refund because we don’t take no crap off of nobody.

I am also learning to use my mac and imovie, so I made a little video collection of the Sam in the process of learning new cameras and programs. It’s posted on youtube at  www.youtube.com/igoac. It’s not filled with action, but has a few things we think are funny.


(More to come on which video cameras we like, I guess.)


24-hour Sam, day 1

Sam is at the apartment, and he is loving it. He threw up and pooped in the first three hours, and he slept 11 hours last night. He has eaten everything we have given him, and even took a bath, although the bath was like torture. Things have gone really smoothly so far. It’s very surreal right now, but so cool. It’s sort of hard to put into words. This is what we have been working 2 years to get to, now he’s in the apartment with us. Mom and Sam are playing in the floor right now.

Here are a few pictures captured by iPhone technology.

So things are good, and we are back to another waiting game. We are praying and trusting our coordinators all we can because we have very little clue what is going on right now. Hopefully we will be headed home very soon.

We met a lady in the baby house who is from the Dallas area. She is adopting one of the little girls in Sam’s class. How crazy is that?! Not only a little Kazakh person, but one of the girls who grew up in Sam’s class with him will be living in the DFW area soon. We were very excited to meet her.  And what an answer to our prayers already. The day after we posted the blog about praying deeply for moms and dads for these little kids a mom shows up for one of them. We will continue praying, but it’s cool to see answers like that.

This is Aaron, and I want to make a clarifying statement, as well. On another one of our posts we had a comment from some friends here about other children and their situation in the baby house. While we are pleading for parents for these guys, person to person and in prayer, the reality is that some of them are not available for adoption at this point. There are different reasons for that, and some will join the available ranks sometime in the future, but things are not as simple as we might make them sound. I think most of our readers have gotten that message of complication and difficulty as you’ve followed us. It’s just a reality and an acceptable side effect.

Part of the heart that father has grown in us during the last two years is to be advocates for these little people, not just here but in general. We want to be ambassadors for their cause, and we really hope that people who have followed our story will consider adoption because of the great life-giving picture that it is. We hope that we can walk through the process with families in the future, and our appeal here, along with any pictures, are to illustrate the need and the mass of little faces and lives out there. These kids are by no means the end of the story, and a total of 4 from Sam’s class have been adopted or are in process during our time here, so good things are happening. We’ve done our best to share our hearts, and these are some of the people who have impacted our hearts on this journey, both big and little people.

Thank you guys for reading and walking so consistently. We love you.

a certain prayer concern…and of course more photos

Today we are heading to our 10th day of bonding with Sam. It has gone so fast, but we do know that we still have a pretty good way to go still. We have 5 more days of bonding and then we go to court, and if we get a “yes” then we have 15 more days for the waiting period. So we are still looking at a minimum of 20 days before we might get to bring Sam home to our apartment, and we are enjoying our time, but also hoping that those days go really fast.

We talked with our coordinators the other day about some court stuff, and we found out something that is a little troubling to us. It is not something we want to post here, and it’s not devestating. It is just something that might come up in court that could potentially be a problem for us. We have talked with other families, and it seems like court will be fairly low-key. We just have this lingering question about this one issue more than most. It has to do with our answer to a certain question that might come up. We want to be honest in everything we say, and we want them to hear our hearts and be moved by that to approve us. the whole thing sort of feels like a Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego moment.

Please pray for wisdom in how to answer if this question does come up. Also please pray that we would be able to rest in God’s peace in our situation and not dwell on the possibility all the way until we get to court. Also pray that God would soften the judge’s heart and anyone else we have to answer to and that our case and anyone associated with it would have favor. Pray for very clear and specific translation. We are really praying that this would not even be an issue. If the question even comes up at all that our answer would suffice and the judge would accept it.

As always, we really need your prayers and have felt them when you pray them. We have had the strength, wisdom, and peace when we have needed it, and God has done great things for us! We are still learning and being refined by a lo of the same things, and we love your prayers in the midst of it. Thank you for walking this road with us. We love you.

And as a reward, here are some new pics of the boy.

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