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James Brown, please meet us at the airport

Strange suggestion, we know, but we want to recreate the scene from Rocky 4 when James Brown sings “I-live-in-Amer-ica” right before Apollo Creed fights the Russian. We want that as Sam comes off the plane. (Not really, and please do not attempt to re-create this in any way).

The point is Sam is now one of the elect. He was chosen by the United States of America, not by any works of his own, to be called an American citizen. His visa interview went so great, so fast, and was so refreshing after some of the interviews we’ve been through.

Altogether we were at the consulate for about 30 minutes, and the visa interview only took about 10 minutes. It was really more of them telling us what was going to happen next and what documents we would need along the way. We also got the famed “sealed envelope” to carry home with us. We celebrated by paying about $18 for some ice cream and a shake at Baskin Robbins, and we could not have been more excited about it.

So everything we came here for has been done, everyone we need permission from to get out of here and into American has given it, and plane tickets have been purchased. We leave here tomorrow night around 3am headed for Frankfurt, then on to Dallas where we arrive at 2:30pm Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who has walked with us through some or all of this. We will be posting some about other things and people as we close out this season in the next few days or weeks, but thank you. We know that we could not have done this without so many of you.


“Lord willing” is the most appropriate phrase here

In the book of James, he says that we make all these plans, but that we don’t know what a day will bring. He says we will do this and that if the Lord wills it. So you hear lots of people say things like this, “Today we will leave our city headed for Almaty on our way home, Lord willing!” And attaching Lord willing to it is the most appropriate way to say it as we have seen in our time here and especially in these last few days. You can just never be sure.

So I preface all this with the fact that you can never be sure here. So having said that, Lord willing, we will be leaving our city this afternoon at 5pm on a train headed for Almaty. If things go smoothly we will be heading home on Sunday, May 31st.

Without sharing too many details, we heard two days ago and again yesterday that tings would not be finished by today and that we would be here several more days, but it was. God is powerful, and in this case we have seen his power even over men’s hearts. He moves things and people however he wants to, and his power touches everything.

So we head to Almaty for a doctor visit tomorrow and then we turn our stuff in to the Embassy the next day. The next day we have Sam’s visa interview where we will, Lord willing, get his visa and be ready to come home. So for now pray for a quick and good doctor visit. This will also be our first with Sam so his mom and dad are a little nervous about what all might come from it. Also please pray that all of our documents are in order when we go to the embassy.

Thank you, and hopefully we will be takling to many of you face to face real soon. Thank you for walking with us for all this time. We love you.

what is real family?

No pictures today. Sorry I just don’t have the energy, but instead we posted a new video on youtube.com/igoac. And I am working on some good Sam video, but I actually lost the one I had been working on. Sorry. Now on to some thoughts and a story.

Sam is one of 13 cute, awesome little kids in his class. They are mostly boys with a few girls mixed in. They come from all kinds of backgrounds and have been there for different periods of time. Sometimes new people come in, and other people leave. They have several different caretakers who rotate shifts. There are probably about 6 of them, so they see a lot of different people. But for these little people, this is their family.

These are the people they live with day in and day out. These are their brothers and sisters. These are their parents. These are the people they are comfortable with and the people they recognize. While we believe that we are doing a good thing by bringing Sam into our family, and we also believe that every one of these little people need families, there is something hard and painful about them leaving their home and their family.

When they leave here, everything they know disappears, everything. While the lives they move on to may be better in many ways, nothing is familiar or comfortable, nothing. I can’t imagine what it would be like to leave everything that gives me any level of comfort and have no one ask me if I would like to do that or not. Ultimately these little guys may not know what’s best for them, being around 2 years old, but being adopted is in may ways painful for them.

It’s painful for their adoptive families in many ways, too. It’s hard. It’s inconvenient. It’s uncomfortable to live in Kazakhstan for 2 months. It’s expensive. It’s freaking cold for two Texas people. And we thank God for all of it and pray with all our hearts that God would speak to more families and that more families would respond and answer the call to adopt. Because there’s another thing about it: it is absolutely not about us.

In many ways it’s about these kids and about hope and relief. But more than that, as we have said from the very beginning, while Sam was still a stack of paper called a dossier, while he was still an agency application, it was always about the gospel. It was always about Jesus because everything is always about Jesus. As we were reminded very painfully and clearly and beautifully our first week here, it was always about 2 Timothy 1:9: “…God, who saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace.”

Now, the story you’ve all ben waiting for:
Sam has a litle friend in his class, one of the 13, named Matisse. That is his name given to him by his parents who are French. He is a cool little guy and is very active and very happy. His favorite word is”tata,” which means “look!” And he is always pointing at something. We have noticed that every time we come to pick Sam up, if he is not already pretty close to the door or if he doesn’t notice us, his little friend Matisse gets very excited, starts making all kinds of noise and runs over to Sam and starts patting him and making sure he knows that we are there. He knows instantly that we are there to see Sam, and he is very excited for Sam that we are there. It’s so cool. These guys are family.

And no news on anything else yet. Just visiting the boy and waiting. Thank you for walking the long, hard, refining, beautiful, inspiring road with us.

it’s go time

Today is the big day. Hopefully not the biggest day to come, but it’s one big one in a series of escalating big ones.

We leave at 4:20pm today. If you are a pray-er here are a few things to pray:

1) Good connections. We want to make our flights and get to our city on time so nothing gets delayed even one day.
2) Logistics. There are several things like meting up with the right people, housing, times, and stuff that are still sort of fuzzy. There is a plan, but it’s with people we don’t know, so we want to get there and get it all figured out.
3) Meeting with the department of education. Our first day we have a meeting with this office about the kids available, where we will wind up, what baby home, etc. Please pray that this goes smoothly, that they are straightforward, clear,  and honest with us, and that we get matched quickly with the exact right child.
4) Gospel radiance. We want Jesus and his gospel to be all over this. We want to act in a way that is a witness and a ministry to other people. This whole thing is not about us, so we want to serve people and serve the gospel through it.
5) Pray for our baby. We don’t know him/her yet, but they are already very precious and loved. A lot is about to change for them, and they will need peace and comfort. Please ask father to be that.

Thank you for walking with us. This is when it all gets crazy. We will be updating here often as long as internet allows. Thank you for praying.

here we go


22 months and counting. Almost 2 years in process. Incredible. And finally the movement we have been waiting and working for is here. We are headed to Kazakhstan!

We booked plane tickets and will travel this Saturday, March 7th. We will arrive in kstan at 12:20 am on March 9th. We’ll crash there for most of that day and head to our region later that night. That’s where we’ll spend the next 2 months or so.

We don’t have a lot of details on what happens next at this point, but it should be fun and stretching at the same time. We will be updating the blog a lot more once we get in country (Of course that is all dependant on internet access, but we’ll assume). We will be posting updates of our daily adventures in the city and with our little guy or girl and whatever else is going on. We will have tons of free time, so be looking for updates regularly. We may also post some of our last week in the states before we go. We’ll see how much time we have. It’s going to be a freaking crazy week.

God is good, and he has been faithful. We;ve had some difficult days and weeks in the last almost two years, and I am sure there are still more to come in the next few months, but he has always been more than enough. He deserves the praise for today.

As always, thank you for walking on this road with us.

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